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Zurich Switzerland
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Zurich is an ideal destination for those who would like to combine culture with nature, i.e. the main sights of the city as well as its beautiful surroundings. Zurich is situated perfectly, in the core of Europe, beside Lake Zurich, presenting the breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps. An additional convenience is that the city is just 10 minutes away from the international airport. This allows your easy access to it, as there are regular scheduled flights from every continent and most countries and larger cities of the world, which land there. You can reach Zurich also by train, which is the cheaper way, having in mind that over a thousand trains halt daily at Zurich's central railway station.
Zurich Switzerland
No matter whether you prefer local Swiss or international cuisine, Zurich has got eating and drinking establishments, suitable for everyone's taste. The city offers plenty of restaurants, featuring top quality service and a superb choice of wines. Bars and typical street cafes - many places where you can sit and enjoy the Swiss lifestyle. 
Shopping in Zurich is a genuine experience. Visiting one of the most beautiful shopping areas in Europe - the famous Bahnhofstrasse, where are located many elegant fashion stores and boutiques for shoes, firs, accessories, jewellery and watches is a must, which proves Zurich to be a trendsetting city. This main shopping zone is situated in the core of the city, which makes it ideal for pedestrians. Many boutiques and antique shops can also be found in the beautiful Altstadt (old town) of Zurich, situated on the left bank of the Limmat. Another pedestrian zone and shoppers' paradise is the Niederdorf - offering plenty of boutiques, night - clubs, bars, restaurants and street artists turning the Niederdorf into an exciting entertainment centre. Another place where anything can be found on a reasonable price is the Langstrasse - a home to people from over 80 different countries
If you approach Zurich by ship you will get an impressive view of the soft silhouette of the city and the green promenades on the shore. If you later stroll along the Lim-mat that divides Zurich in two like a smaller version of the Grand Canal or see the towering large minster, when you are up and down steps in the old town, or gazing at the jumble of roofs then you will understand why the author Gerhart Hauptmann enthused about the "unique spirit of Swiss bourgeois."
Zurich it is said is a large-sized small town or a small-sized city and indeed when you consider the huge amounts of money that are handled in the world's biggest store of money and through the veritable International airport of Kloten…Yet Switzerland's largest city of 350,000 people quickly shrinks back to a comfortable size. Much to the pleasure of its inhabitants who feel pretty good under the lime and chestnut trees and very proud that it is possible to take a swim in the lake during their lunch-break.
The location tempted the Romans who built a castle to defend themselves on the banks of the Lim-mat. Following the occupation of Roman territory by the Alemannians from the fifth century of the former Turicum the town slowly flourished and was formed into a free city state in 1218. In 1351 the city joined the Swiss Confederation and after bitter struggles finally gained a leading role. Nevertheless Berne rather than Zurich was chosen as the capital when the Swiss Republic was formed in 1848. Zurich remains the largest Swiss city and has developed into one of the world's leading financial centers.
Destination for educational travelers
Right from the beginning of the eighteenth century the Swiss Confederation was a destination for those traveling to educate themselves and from the mid nineteenth century it was regarded as the height of chic to pay the city on the Limmat a visit. The Hotel Baur au Lac was built in classical style in 1844 and became a home for queens, diplomats, the aristocracy, and Bohemians. They lived idylli-cally alongside the blue lake, with luxury, with just the boats of the big houses, with just the ponderous chiming of bells from the old town. But artists and writers were also drawn to Zurich and it became the capital of the Dadaists with the forming of the Cabaret Voltaire in the Spiegelgasse. Later the Cafe Odeon was where the exiled writers could be found. No other theater in Europe had the abundance of intellectual talent at their command as the Zurich Schauspielhaus with those who fled here between 1933 and 1945.
Trade and finance
Zurich already enjoyed an economic boom with industrialization and when the rail station was opened in 1871 the city's international trade flourished. Following the example of the Parisian boulevards the road from the station towards the lake (Bahnhofstrasse) was stylishly planted with lime trees. This street is still the nation's showcase and one of the most elegant shopping streets of the world. The big fashion names and fur couturiers have their establishments here and cafes offer hot Schoggi (hot chocolate) and it is still a pleasure to stroll along the Bahnhofstrasse when the limes are in blossom. Just a few steps remove you from the dominance of the large buildings of the big banks.
One quickly notices that tradition is rigidly upheld in Zurich and the same is true of their architectural inheritance. The Meisen town hall and guildhall, the church of St. Peter, the Zurich town hall with the finest Baroque hall in Switzerland, the Grossmiinster (large minster church), and the Fraumiinster (noble women's church) with window by Chagall, the Wasserkirche ("water" church), and the Neo-Baroque Opera House represent the same kind of continuity as the Kronen-halle restaurant in which you can enjoy food surrounded by original pieces of modern art. Art is highly regarded in Zurich and the collection in the Kunsthaus form one of the highlights of the European museum scene.
Zurich is also a stronghold of youth culture. The sub culture constantly seeks out new places and young people remain non conformist where other quasi revolutionaries long ago became leaders

Zurich Switzerland

Switzerland Tourist info
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