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  • Hotel Gritti Palace- Campo Santa Maria del Giglio Venice Italy I-30124
  • Hotel Danieli Castello -4196 Venice Italy I-30122
  • The Westin Excelsior -Lungomare Marconi 41 Venice Lido 30126 Italy
  • The Westin Europa and Regina-San Marco 2159 Venice Italy 30124
  • Hotel Cipriani-Giudecca 10 Venice 30133
  • Luna Hotel Baglioni-Calle Larga dell'Ascensione 30124 Venice Italy
  • Best Western Hotel Cavalletto e Doge Orseolo-Piazza San Marco 1107, Venice, I-30124, Italy
  • Hotel Monaco and Grand Canal-San Marco 1332 Venice 30124 Italy
  • Metropole Hotel-Riva Schiavoni 4149 Venice 30122 Italy
  • NH Laguna Palace-Viale Ancona, 2 30172 Venecia Mestre, Italy
  • Sofitel Venezia-Santa Croce 245, Giardini Papadopoli, 30135 Venezia, Italy
  • Liassidi Palace-Castello, Ponte Dei Greci 3405 Venice 30122 Italy
  • Hotel Principe-Lista di Spagna 146 , 30121 Venice , Italy
  • Hotel Saturnia and International-Via XXII Marco 2398 , 30124 Venice , Italy
  • Hotel Giorgione-Cannaregio, SS. Apostoli 4587 , 30131 Venice , Italy
  • Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth-Riva Degli Schiavoni, 4110
  • Torre Dell'Orologio Suites-San Marco, 202/a Mercerie dell'Orologio 30124 Venezia Italy
  • Hotel Des Bains -Lungomare Marconi 17 Venice Italy I-30126
  • Hungaria Palace Hotel-Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta 28 Venice - Lido Italy

  • Venice Restaurants
  • Holiday Inn Venice Marghera Hotel-Rotonda Romea 1/2 Marghera - Venice 30175 Italy
  • Best Western Albergo San Marco-Piazza San Marco 877,, Venice, I-30124, Italy
  • Best Western Hotel Bisanzio-Riva Degli Schiavoni, Calle Della Pieta-3651, Venice, I-30122, Italy
  • Best Western Hotel Villa Mabapa-Riviera San Nicolo 16, Venice, I-30126, Italy
  • Best Western Biasutti Hotel-Viale Dandolo 29, Venice, I-30126, Italy
  • Bestwestern Hotel Sant'elena-CALLE BUCCARI 10
  • Hotel Buon Pesce-Riviera San Nicolò, Venice Lido, 30126 Venice, Italy

  • Venice Food and Drink
    Historically, Venice was the crossroads of the spice trade between Europe and the Orient and was a city that played host to a myriad of nationalities and cultures. As a result, Venetian cuisine is a blend of numerous cooking styles and dishes, such as rio al cavroman, a Levantine method of cooking lamb with cloves and cinnamon, transformed by the Venetians into their famous risotto. Polenta, too, is a basic ingredient found in many of Venice's dishes. 
    Specialists in seafood, Venetians can find an infinite variety of ways to cook baccala and liven up the humble sardine with onions, spiced vinegar, pine nuts and raisins to make sardelle in saor. Liver and onion (fegato alla veneziana) and rice and peas (risi e bisi) are also Venetian specialities. However, if you prefer a more international flavour, there are a wide variety of foreign restaurants throughout the city.

    Leading Venice Restaurants 
    Cipriani Restaurant
    Hotel Cipriani, Giudecca 10, 30133 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 520 7744 | Fax: +39 041 520 3930 

    La Caravella
    Hotel Saturnia e International, Calle Larga XXII Marzo, San Marco 2398, 30124 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 520 8377 | Fax: +39 041 520 7131 

    Ristorante Do Leoni 
    Hotel Londra Palace, Riva degli Schiavoni 4171, 30122 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 520 0533 | Fax: +39 041 522 5032 

    Gran Caffe' Ristorante Quadri
    Piazza San Marco 120, 30124 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 522 2105 | Fax: +39 041 520 8041 

    Venice Hotels
    Grand Canal 
    Albergo Monaco e Grand Canal, Calle Vallaresso, San Marco 1325, 30124 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 520 0211 

    Harry's Bar 
    Calle Vallaresso, San Marco 1323, 30124 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 528 5777 | Fax: +39 041 520 8822 

    La Colomba 
    Piscina di Frezzeria, San Marco 1665, 30124 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 522 1175 | Fax: +39 041 522 1468 

    Osteria da Fiore 
    Calle del Scaleter, San Polo 2202, 30125 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 721 308 | Fax: +39 041 721 343 

    Fiaschetteria Toscana 
    Campo San Giovanni Grisostomo, Cannaregio 5719, 30131 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 528 5281 | Fax: +39 041 528 5521 

    Al Covo 
    Campiello della Pescaria, Castello 3968, 30122 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 522 3812 

    Vini Da Arturo 
    Calle degli Assassini, San Marco 3656, 30124 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 528 6974 

    Harry's Dolci 
    Fondamenta San Biagio, Giudecca 773, 30133 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 522 4844 | Fax: +39 041 522 2322 

    Antico Pignolo 
    Calle Specchieri, San Marco 451, 30124 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 522 8123 | Fax: +39 041 520 9007 

    Ai Gondolieri 
    Fondamenta dell'Ospedaletto, Dorsoduro 366, 30123 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 528 6396 | Fax: +39 041 521 0075 

    Da Mario alla Fava 
    Calle Stagneri, San Marco 5242, 30124 Venice 
    Tel: +39 041 528 5147 | Fax: +39 041 244 3520

    Visitor Essentials
    Tourist Advice: The Venice Tourist Board is located at Castello, 5050 Fondamenta San Lorenzo 30122 - Venezia - call +39 0415298710, fax +39 0415230399. Their recommended itineraries include the best of the historical centre, the islands, archeology and art. More useful Travel Tips here. 
    Telephones: Public telephones accept euro coins, tokens and phone cards, sold in tobacconists, newstands and post offices. Many public phones now accept international credit cards. 
    Internet Cafes: Venice has cyber cafes conveniently located near the train station and elsewhere. For a full list click here 
    Emergencies: For police and general emergencies, call 113 from any phone. There are two forms of police, military (carabinieri) and civilian (polizia). For medical emergencies, phone 118. The Ospedale Civile of Venice can be reached on 041 529 45 16 and the Red Cross ambulance service on 041 528 63 46. The fire service can be reached on 115; road assistance on 116. The nearest US Consulate in Milan - call 02 290 351. The British Consulate in Venice is at Piazzale Donatori di Sangue 2/5, 30171 Venezia-Mestre; call 04 15055990. Opening hours are 9am to 4pm. 
    Banks: Italian banks are open Monday to Friday from around 8:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 3 - 4 pm, though some banks in tourist areas stay open all day during the week. Most banks close on weekends and national holidays. 
    Flood Risk: Venice's streets and plazas usually flood several times a year, during which time the city deploys temporary raised walkways. It is not uncommon to see St Mark's Square submerged under three feet of water during 'acqua alta'. Listen out for the special warning sirens on wet winter days! Updated tide forecasts are published here. Disabled Travelers
    The tourism industry in Venice is very mindful of the challenges Venice sets for disabled travelers, with its prevalence of bridges, boats and canals.
    Visit the Comune di Venezia site for extensive information on disabled visitor facilities and services including getting around, accommodation, dining, cultural attractions and maps and itineraries. 
    APT tourist offices can help with lists of wheelchair-accessible accommodation and free maps of wheelchair-friendly routes on all the islands. 
    All public "vaporetti" boats are accessible by wheelchair with the exception of line 52. Venice's train stations at Mestre and Santa Lucia are both accessible to the disabled and fitted with access ramps, disabled toilets and Welcome Centres.- contact 041.785570 from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm. Assistance to board the trains is available given 24-hours notice. 
    Travelers with impaired vision can download tactile maps from the Venice City Council website. Informa Handicap offers phone helpline for physically disabled and deaf travelers in Italy - call 041 534 17 00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 
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    Venice Tipping Advice
    As well as a standard service charge, expect to tip between 5% and 10% to waiters in restaurants for good service. Taxi drivers should also get between 5% and 10%, whereas chambermaids and bellboys should get up to EUR 1.00 per day / bag. Smaller tips to any other staff are sure to be appreciated, as tipping is widely practised in Italy.
    Don't assume that all restaurants and bars accept credit cards - ask before ordering. Restaurants which accept credit cards will not allow you to put a tip on the card. Many smaller retailers do not accept American Express cards. 
    Cicheti, similar to restaurant antipasta, are often delicious and inexpensive snacks served in Osterie e bacari taverns. Other treats include saòr, bigoi in salsa, tripe, liver alla veneziana and fish fries. 
    A small 'bread and cover' charge (pane e coperto) of between €0.50 and €15 is added to restaurant bills except when eating 'tourist menus'.

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    Other Details Venice
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