Venice, Italy
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Venice, Italy
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Venice Italy
Venice is built on one hundred and seventeen small islands, and holds one hundred and fifty canals, connected by an amazing four hundred and nine bridges, of which only three cross the main canal. The area it covers is a mere 458 kilometers. 
Although the city appears small, it is really quite extensive for its size. While most tour guides donít recommend getting lost in the majority of cities, Venice is the place to get hopelessly lost for a day; it is certainly more advisable than getting lost in a shopping centre and hiding out in the frozen foods section. Venice isnít all cities and crowded streets: through the mysterious alleyways leading off from the city, endless mazes of backstreets and deserted squares, the Ďrealí Venice. And a perfect place to walk for hours on end, pretending to know where you are.
Venice Italy
Probably the only ways of getting around Venice are walking and paying up for the 'expensive-but-worth-it' gondola, water bus/taxi or a regular taxi is officially banned in the lagoon city Ė a bicycle wonít help you much.
The islands of the Venetian lagoon were first settled during the barbarian invasions of the 5th and 6th centuries AD, when the people of the Veneto mainland sought refuge in the marshy region.
Venice Italy

The refugees built the now-famous watery villages on rafts of wooden posts driven into the soil, laying the foundations for the floating palaces of today. The traditional date of Venice 's birth is given as 25 March 421, but there is little evidence to support this belief. The population is roughly 63, 000 people, but there is belief that Venice will, over time, lose most of its population and become merely a large theme park, purely for the entertainment of camera-clad tourists.

Venice Italy
It's nearly always the festive season in Venice , although the city is particularly busy in the flourishing months of spring, especially surrounding Easter. Accommodation is one of the most difficult things to find around that time zone, as well as around Christmas, New Year and festival Carnevale (Which is in February). Like Italy 's other great tourist areas , Venice is not at its worst in summer (Months such as June-August): although it's crowded, there are many other special activities on offer.
The most pleasant time of year to visit is late March into May, with clear spring days and fewer crowds. September is the next best in terms of weather, but October is quieter. Flooding occurs in November and December, and winter can be unpleasantly cold - although seeing Venice under a layer of snow can cast the aura of a fairy tale. 
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  • Venice Italy
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