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Tokyo - Japan After each catastrophe the rebuilding of Tokyo, if not more beautiful, is at least on a larger scale and more modern. Nor are they afraid to imitate western models. In the district of Minato-ku, for instance, engineers have erected a second Eiffel Tower, 
quite similar to the Parisian one, except that at 1,092 feet (333 m) it is 43 feet (13 m) taller. From its two viewing platforms you can look out over the overdeveloped landscape as far as the holy mountain of Fujisan. The conurbation of Tokyo reveals itself as an accumulation of dozens of individual towns with their own high rise inner cities, embedded in a maze of village like living quarters with one and a half million low wooden houses.
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In the center of this ocean of roofs, seen from a bird's perspective is a green oasis bordered by ramparts and moats. Here, amidst well tended gardens, live the emperor and his family. The palace buildings in ancient Japanese style stand on the remains of a Samurai castle dating from the fifteenth century, once the first permanent building far and wide. The grounds were extended to become the imperial residence in 1868 when the current Tenno moved from Kyoto to Tokyo.
Blooming cherry blossoms should be reason enough to visit Tokyo in spring. Likewise, the mellow hues of autumn also provide a poignant example of the Japanese aesthetic. The muggy summer is not for everyone; just remember there's roughly 5500 persons per sq km (over 14,000 per sq mi)! It might also be wise to avoid an even more crowded Tokyo during the Golden Week national holiday, from 29 April to 5 May.
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Tokyo kicks off its year with high, cold winter days and, occasionally, snowfalls. Though temperatures sometimes drop below freezing, in general the winter months are reasonable with the right kind of clothing. Spring brings pleasant, warm days. Summer is hot and muggy. The temperature and humidity are at their worst in August and late June can see torrential rains that pound the city during some monsoon seasons. After spring, autumn is the most pleasant season. Temperatures cool down to a cosy level and days are often clear and fine.
Tokyo sightseeing
Tokyo is Japan's largest domestic and international hub for rail, ground, and air transportation. Public transportation within Tokyo is dominated by an extensive network of clean and efficient, if often very crowded trains and subways run by a variety of operators, with buses, monorails and trams playing a secondary feeder role. Railway stations are not only transport, but the center of Tokyo and Japanese urban life, as everything is judged in relation to it, taking on the significance of highways in the United States and elsewhere.

Tokyo Markets

Shibuya is a major shopping area and a definite place to visit for anyone interest in Japanese fashion. Not only are there many very trendy fashion stores, but you can see many young Japanese people wearing the latest and some just outrageous fashion in the streets.
Shibuya 109 Building (ichimaruky?) shopping centre filled with many very trendy clothing boutiques. It is very popular among young people, especially teens, and it is famous as the origin of the kogal subculture. Kogals are known for wearing platform boots, a miniskirt, copious amounts of makeup, hair coloring (usually blond), artificial suntans, and designer accessories.
Tokyo Roads
Bar Ambrose. Located in the "Pyramid" building, it's just another restaurant/bar but features a $4 drink special for happy hour. Not a bad choice for a date or afterwork drink. It's not worth going to after 8pm.
Bar Milwaukee. An English-style pub in a basement that features darts, foosball and a pool table. And a lot of Gaien men. Be careful upon entering; the dart board is precariously close to the bottom of the stairs. 

Bauhaus. A Japanese band plays American '70s & '80s cover tunes. Sometimes the lyrics are sung phonetically. A lot of fun, more so for those able to talk their way past the $20 cover charge. The "band" allows people to challenge in for spots and its members double as waiters and bartenders.

Tokyo Cinema

A Japanese manners and customs are vastly different from those of Western people. A strict code of behavior and politeness is recognized and followed by almost all Japanese. However, they are aware of the difference between themselves and the West and therefore do not expect visitors to be familiar with all their customs but expect them to behave formally and politely. A straightforward refusal does not form part of Japanese etiquette. A vague ‘yes’ does not really mean ‘yes’ but the visitor may be comforted to know that confusion caused by non-committal replies occurs between the Japanese themselves. 

Entertaining guests at home is not as customary as in the West, as it is an enterprise not taken lightly and the full red-carpet treatment is given. Japanese men are also sensitive lest their wives be embarrassed and feel that their hospitality is inadequate by Western standards; for instance, by the inconvenience to a foreign guest of the custom of sitting on the floor. Bowing is the customary greeting but handshaking is becoming more common for business meetings with Westerners. The honorific suffix san should be used when addressing all men and women; for instance Mr Yamada would be addressed as Yamada-san. When entering a Japanese home or restaurant it is customary to remove shoes. Table manners are very important, although the Japanese host will be very tolerant towards a visitor. However, it is best if visitors familiarize themselves with basic table etiquette and use chopsticks. It is customary for a guest to bring a small gift when visiting someone’s home. Exchange of gifts is also a common business practice and may take the form of souvenir items such as company pens, ties or high-quality spirits. Smoking is only restricted where notified.
Tokyo Tourist Info
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Hotels Tokyo
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