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Bonsai gardens next door
At anytime and anywhere you can escape the noisy shopping streets with their ridiculous neon advertisements for a quieter Tokyo. Often only a hundred yards from the concrete monsters with their thousands of windows there are small court-yards and narrow alleys with corner stores, mini restaurants, fast food stalls and bonsai gardens. Away from the main streets there are also many hospitable ryokans, traditional hotels with straw mats on the floor and sliding walls to divide the rooms. As soon as they enter guests change their street clothes for slippers and a light kimono, to make them feel at home.
Tokyo sightseeing
Cheaper than the informal ryokans are the Japanese capsule hotels, where guests crawl into prefabricated containers with only a mattress and a television in them. It would be impossible anyway to put any more into a space three and a half feet wide, seven feet long and about four feet high. Of the - admittedly far more expensive - luxury hotels in Tokyo the Imperial Hotel, designed by star architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1922, is worthy of mention. To make the five star hotel secure against earthquakes the American placed it on sliding rails. The most popular meeting point in Tokyo is the memorial to the faithful dog Hachiko, who waited at Shibuya station for his master for many years and ultimately died there. Sometimes a slight shudder goes through the memorial and the station and the surface of the street and the high-rise buildings seem to tremble. But don't worry: after a second or two the tremor is over.
Tokyo sightseeing
Tokyo sightseeing 
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building - The best look out in Tokyo. 
Imperial Palace East Gardens - Excellent gardens next to Palace. 
Sensoji Temple Asakusa - Great temple & garden 
Odaiba - Including Rainbow Bridge & Venus Fort shopping centre. 
Shibuya - The place to see & buy Tokyo fashion. 
Harajuku - May be the hottest fashion place in Tokyo. 
Meiji Jingu Shrine - Actively used shrine in Yoyogi Park. 
Ueno Park - Easy to reach & fantastic in cherry blossom season. 
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden - Mixture of European & Japanese. 
Akihabara - Tokyo's "Electric Town"

Tokyo Hotels

Tokyo Hotels
Le Meridien Grand Pacific Hotel 
The Le Meridien Grand Pacific Hotel is a convenient base to discover all that Tokyo has to offer. This 5-star hotel, operated since 1998, offers 884 guestrooms. All of the guestrooms come with data port, room deposit box, work desk, terrace and separate shower. The standard facilities offered at this Tokyo.

Palace Hotel 
The Palace Hotel is a convenient base to discover all that Tokyo has to offer. The hotel is a high-rise building with 389 guestrooms to serve both business and leisure travelers. Each guestroom contains non-smoking rooms, mini bar, in-house movies, a/c and cable tv. Standard services available for guests at this.

New Otani Hotel 
The New Otani Hotel Chiba is only 40 km (25 miles) away from the airport. The hotel offers 418 guestrooms to cater for the demands of the purpose driven corporate and holiday travelers looking for unique accommodation in Chiba. All of the guestrooms come with hair dryer, mini bar, tea/coffee.
Tokyo - Japan Markets

The Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel
The Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel is located within easy reach of most places of interests in Tokyo. The hotel proudly boasts 700 nicely-decorated rooms. Each of the guestrooms has clock radio, a/c, tv, mini bar, telephone (idd), in-house movies and cable tv.

Keio Plaza Hotel 
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is only a five-minute walk from Shinjuku station, near the Imperial Gardens and Meiji Shrine. There are 1,450 rooms at Keio Plaza Hotel. Each room is decorated with wide picture-windows, offering great views of the city.

Park Hyatt Hotel 
The Park Hyatt Hotel is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Tokyo. The hotel boasts 178 pleasant rooms that are equipped with the standard amenities of hotels in its class. In-room features include tv, voicemail service, data port, separate shower and telephone. For guests' convenience, this Tokyo accommodation features store, restaurants, bar and 24 hr room service.
Tokyo - Japan
As a modern city Tokyo, capital of Japan, could be described as too good to be true. People dress in the latest gear, excellent restaurants serve up delicious food of all varieties, and the trendiest nightclubs keep things hopping. The public transport system is punctual and one of the most efficient in the world; and shops and vending machines provide necessities and luxuries both day and night. Best of all, experiencing the best of what this city has to offer is inexpensive and often free. All this is achieved in a city that is home to 12 million people, amid the confusion of bumper-to-bumper traffic, flickering neon signs and a crush of humanity packing subways and sidewalks. In the crush and rush Tokyo remains, remarkably, one of the world's safest cities with a low crime rate and local people who are only too willing to spare the time and effort to assist a stranger
Tokyo - Japan
Tragedy has turned Hiroshima, the main city of the Chugoku Region on Japan's main island of Honshu, into the country's most famous tourist attraction. On 6 August 1945 the unfortunate city became the first ever target of an atomic bomb. Early in the morning three United States B-29 bombers flew in from the northeast; one dropped its deadly ordnance over the center of the city, leaving a mushroom cloud that darkened the sky while more than 200,000 civilians died. Today thousands of visitors make a pilgrimage to Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park, marvelling at the lively modern city that has overcome its tragedy to become the thriving home to more than a million people. Not surprisingly the city has become vehemently engaged in the promotion of peace. Visitors are drawn mainly to the Peace Memorial Park and its museum, but the rebuilt city is an attractive place to visit in its own right, criss-crossed by rivers and wide avenues and containing several good museums. Nearby are some of Japan's most scenic excursion destinations.

Getting Around: Hiroshima still operates an extensive tram network, called Hiroden. Most tram routes emanate from the JR Hiroshima Station, charging a flat rate within the city center. The city also has a metro system, which only serves the northern suburbs, and is not usually useful for visitors.

Tokyo Imperial Palace Building
Tokyo Imperial Palace Building
Imperial Palace
City/Region: Tokyo
Japan's Imperial Palace is regarded as the heart and soul of Tokyo, standing on a huge site that still bears the remains of Edo Castle, stronghold of the Tokugawa shogunate. The present palace was completed in 1888 and is still home to the emperor of Japan. The palace is off-limits but its grounds and surrounds provide a much-needed green open space for the city with Higashi Gyoen (East Garden), site of the Edo Castle keep, open to the public. On 2 January and 23 December each year visitors are able to enter the inner grounds and see the Imperial family make public appearances from the balcony. Guided tours of the palace are offered, but are only in Japanese, although an English pamphlet and audio guide are provided; these must be reserved in advance through the Imperial Household Agency. In spring the gardens are abloom with cherry blossom, particularly along the castle moat.
Transport: Subway to Tokyo station
Hours: East Garden is open daily except Monday and Friday from 9am to 4pm (until 3.30pm between November and February). Closed from 28 December to 3 January and when Imperial Court functions take place
Admission: East Garden has no admission

Tokyo - Japan food

Edo-Tokyo Museum
City/Region: Tokyo
Tokyo's museum dedicated to detailing the city's history, art, culture and architecture through the medium of visual displays is an impressive, not to be missed attraction. Edo was the old name for Tokyo from its foundation in 1590 when it became the seat of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun. Exhibits include a replica of an ancient Kabuki theater, maps, photographs and portrayals of the lives of the city's merchants, craftsmen and townspeople in days gone by.
Address: 1-4-1 Yokoami, Sumida-ku
Phone Number: (03) 3626 9974
Transport: Train to Ryogoku Station on JR Sobu line (West Exit) or subway to Ryogoku on the Oedo line (A3/A4 exit)
Hours: Daily 9.30am to 5.30pm; Saturdays closing at 7.30pm. Free tours given daily between 10am and 3pm
Admission: ¥600, concessions available
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Hotels Tokyo
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