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MOOREA, the perfect South Sea Island is ten minutes by air or 30 minutes by luxury catamaran from Papeete. Moorea is probably best known for its fish and shark feeding. During feeding time, the marine life is so dense that the view of your dive guide can become somewhat obscured. Dive sites include the blue island, Napoleon Plateau offering large 80lb Napoleon fish plus sharks, the Canyon, and Shark Dining Room where you will be pleased to know that they are on the menu - but the shark and eel feeding is quite exciting. Taoiaha Pass, Atiha, Bathy's Club, M.U.S.T. and Scuba Piti are your operators here.

BORA BORA, the jewel of the Pacific, is a central emerald island surrounded by a myriad of islets. The colours of the lagoon vary from pale turquoise to deepest cobalt, and the range of depth almost assures you of sighting the gentle manta rays. The reefs are home to a great deal of smaller lagoon dwelling species, and locals can introduce you to the 1.5 metre barracuda named Romeo. Operators are Calypso Club and Bora Bora Diving Centre.

Tahiti  Honeymoon
RAIATEA-TAHAA, the two sister islands, attract large schools of pelagic fish. Dog-toothed Tuna, Barracuda, Leopard Rays and sometimes Manta Rays when in season. Divers can assist with shark feeding - a hair-raising experience! The operator here is Raiatea Plongee.

HUAHINE, the garden island, is where Pacific Blue Adventure can take you to see Avafehia Pass, Coral City notable for formations rising 3 metres off the bottom and the 7kg red snapper. Yellow Valley rich in multi-coloured fish, the aquarium for beginners and the dive school. At Huahine you can see giant Jewish or Black Sea Bass weighing in at 180kgs.

RANGIROA is the place where drift diving or shooting the pass can be done any day. The steady five knot current offers an exhilarating dive and the regular scheduled dives are run on a 12 hour cycle so as to get the slack water. This cycle advances 45 minutes each day. Rangiroa dive sites include Napoleon Manta Point, Motu Fara Pass, Mahuta, The Avatoru, Tiputa Aquariums and Tiputa Shark Cave. All of these sites and more are offered by Scuba Diving Centre, Raie Manta Club and Paradive.

TIKEHAU was declared to contain the most fish by Jacques Cousteau in 1987. Raie Manta Club - Tikehau, can show you those along with providing night diving, photo and video services.
MANIHI, famous for the black pearls, has an array of sites offering frequent encounters with Manta Rays, drift dives or the Pass Entrance. 'Grouper City' has a notable aggregation of marbled grouper. Manihi Blue Nui are the people to see.
Tahiti  Honeymoon
Why is Tahiti so magic? What sets these South Sea Isles apart from all other tropical islands? What is this magnetic charm that for centuries has lured poets and writers, incited sailors to mutiny, and inspired some of the world's most beautiful paintings?

In a word, romance. Without doubt, Tahiti is the most romantic place on earth. It was made for lovers. Close your eyes and imagine a secluded oceanfront Garden of Eden for you and your Adam -- or Eve -- and you've probably just conjured up a glimpse of Tahiti.

Intoxicating scents. Palm-shaded sugar white beaches all to yourselves. Secluded coves. Warm crystal water in extraordinary hues. Islands more sensuous than the works of Gaugin, more adventuresome that the tales of Robert Louis Stevenson, more romantic than James Michener's Bali Hai.

Tahiti is the idyllic setting for a honeymoon in paradise. Tahiti is uncrowded, private, secluded, where the most magical scenery seems to just belong to you.
Sleep in your own private thatched-roof bungalow on the edge of a turquoise lagoon...
Cruise under a star studded sky, following the gentle trade winds..
Spend the day on your own secluded islet....or on an endless beach were you can be Adam and Eve for a day.

Tahiti  Honeymoon
Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon
A great honeymoon sets the tone for a great marriage. You can trust our experts to help you plan the perfect trip for you and your spouse. The planning process is more involved than most people think, but we can make it easy and fun for you. We will help you go through questions like the ones listed below to find answers that will lead you to a honeymoon that's just right for you.
*What is your budget?
*When can you take our honeymoon and how long can you be gone?
*Do you want to be lively or lazy?
*Do you want a cruise, vacation package or a trip tailored just for the two of us?

Here are just some of the hints that our TahitiTravel consultants give for a perfect honeymoon:
*Book your reservations at least 6 months ahead.  The major obstacle to booking the trip you want, whether it's a custom itinerary, package vacation or tour, is availability. Flights and hotels fill up many months in advance. This is why it pays off to plan and book your honeymoon as early as possible.
*Get the best level of resort you can afford. This is where you will spend the majority of your time.
*Splurge for upgraded accommodations such as an over-the-water bungalow. It's magical and you'll thank yourselves later!
*Plan the honeymoon together and communicate all of your preferences up front! We'll suggest the perfect itinerary for your budget and preferences.
*Check to be sure you have all the proper documentation to travel with (passport) and that you know the issues surrounding any name changes.
*Ask us for information on what there is to see and do on the islands. We know all the excursions, restaurants, etc..

Tahiti  Honeymoon
The outer islands are much quieter and they are mostly renowned for their relaxing atmosphere and romantic sceneries. Each island has its own magical beauty, character and charm, from the volcanic mountain peaks of Tahiti and Moorea, to wild, rugged islands of Huahine and Marquesas, to the world's most beautiful island of Bora Bora. Each one offers some of the most private resorts and islets on earth while offering a wide range of activities: water sports, hiking, 4WD safaris, sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Whether you're alone, a couple or a group, Tahiti and her Islands is the ultimate in a get-away-from-it-all destination. You can charter a boat, go with your friends on an exclusive lagoon cruise or chill out with them in the privacy of your own secluded island paradise such as the Vahine Island Resort. Tahiti also caters to gay groups, offering exclusive hotel book-outs at many resorts, providing full and private use of all services and facilities.

Tahiti  Honeymoon
Going Native at Bloody Mary’s Bar and Restaurant 
Bloody Mary’s Bar and Restaurant on Bora Bora is as much fun as its namesake, the plump Polynesian “mama” in South Pacific. Established in 1976 by Polish émigré Baron George Van Dangle, the huge thatched hut with its sand floor has become an institution on the island. 

Locals, tourists, and an impressive roster of celebrities have made Bloody Mary’s a part of their Bora Bora experience, as should anyone interested in enjoying Tahitian culture in a light-hearted way. 

Perched on wooden log-style stools, diners can begin with a tropical drink such as Vanilla Rum Punch, the house specialty. Appetizers and main courses are chosen from a display of the freshly-caught fish, with the host describing each preparation in seven different languages. Creatively prepared meals are served on a wooden platter. Delectable desserts include a coconut tart and a very French crème brulee.

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