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Sunbathing permitted or popular in Tahiti, sunbathing is allowed on your private deck, and many women frequently sunbathe, snorkel and swim topless, complete nudity for adults is not generally acceptable.
Tahiti and the High Islands of the Society, Marquesas and Austral Groups offer innumerable possibilities for hiking and excursions - all the way to the tops of the volcanic peaks with 360 degree views over valleys, bays and lagoons and far off to the vastness of the Pacific Ocean

The range of attractions in Tahiti is almost too broad to itemise they include - from Museums, Parks, Historical buildings, Markets, Churches as well as the natural beauty of the sea and volcanic peaks of the 'High Islands'... there really is something for everyone!

The culture of Tahiti can be seen through dance, tattooing and and music. Tahitians celebrate their unique way of life in July every year at the Heiva Festival which brings all the elements of the above in a month of cultural celebrations and competitions for everyone - residents and visitors. The quality of the dancing is also seen on an International stage with participation in world dance competitions.

Of all the overseas islands of French Polynesia, the majority of the public only knows Tahiti ( Society Archipelago, Windward Islands) and Bora Bora ( Leeward Islands). Even so, these islands remain mythical. Now, each archipelago offers particular sceneries depending on its location (from 5° to 10° south latitude for the Marquesas to the Tropic of Capricorn for the Gambier), if it is made up of high islands of volcanic origin (Society, Marquesas, Australs, 35 islands in all), or if it is a coralline atoll (Tuamotu and Gambier, 83 atolls in all). A high island with Papeete as its capitol, Tahiti is the largest (more than 1000 square kilometres - 386 square miles) and the most populated island with 127,000 inhabitants.
Tahiti by air offers one of the most spectacular ways to see the beautiful islands. Along with scheduled daily flights to over 50 of the islands, you can also charter flights and helicopters for ease of moving from one island to the other. Also available is parasailing and kite surfing for the more adventurous.

Tahiti Hotels
St Regis Bora Bora - Newest and grandest hotel in Bora Bora. The best when money is no object. Now a Hollywood favorite.
-The Great: Service, Bungalows (huge), Food, Beach, Spa, Activities
-The Not So Good: Snorkeling (none), Not located in the clearest part of the lagoon, Shore access, Lack of Polynesian "feel".
-Our Opinion: One of the best hotel in the South Pacific. Top quality throughout. But large, very large.

InterContinental Resort and Thalasso-Spa Bora Bora - Second newest and grandest. Contemporary decor and gorgeous bungalows. A very "cool" resort. Shares the same area of the Lagoon as Meridien and St Regis.
-The Great: Bungalows, Decor, View, Restaurants, Spa
-The Nice: Food, Service, Shore access to Bora Bora at Pointe Matira
-The Not So Good: Snorkeling (none), Beach, Not in the clearest part of the lagoon, Lack of Polynesian "feel".
-Our Opinion: Beautiful hotel, great view. Not as polished (or expensive) as St Regis, but a superb resort. We recommend you book the "Sapphire" or "Diamond" Bungalows to take advantage of the view.

Hotel Bora Bora - The Grand Dame of hotels in French Polynesia. Charming, intimate, understated luxury on the main island.
-The Great: Service, Food, Beaches (3), Snorkeling, Location, Intimacy and Privacy.
-The Nice: Traditional Polynesian decor, Lush gardens, Views.
-The Not So Good: Bungalow decor a little dated.
-Our Opinion: Still one of our favorites for the location on the main island, the personalized service and the romantic ambiance. But, if you are looking for a plasma TV, a pool and a fancy spa, it isn't there..

Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa - On it's own island, facing the ocean (NOT the lagoon or Bora Bora)
 -The Good: Bungalow size and decor, Restaurant, Amenities
-The OK: Food, Service, Access to Bora Bora
-The Not So Good: Snorkeling (poor), No view of Bora Bora Lagoon or Mountain.
-Our Opinion: The lack of views of Bora Bora is disapointing. We feel the new Intercontinental Thalasso is a better property and value.

Le Meridien - It used to be one of our favorites when it had the exclusive spot in that area of the lagoon. However it is now squeezed between the St Regis and The Intercontinental Thalasso which turned this area of the lagoon into "Resort Alley".
-The Good: View, Restaurant, Beach, Service, Beach Bungalows, Private Lagoonarium
-The OK: Bungalows decor
-The Not So Good: Snorkeling (poor), Bungalow size, Access to Bora Bora
-Our Opinion: Still a nice resort with great views and good amenities. But the bungalows are a little small compared to the newer hotels. The glass floor is impressive, though...

Sofitel Motu Resort - Still the best boutique resort in Bora Bora, secluded and intimate. Only 30 bungalows
-The Great: Snorkeling , View, Location, Lagoon - the best in BB. Also, privacy, easy access to shore.
-The Nice: Traditional Polynesian decor, Service, Food
-The OK: Bungalow decor a little dated but spacious
-Our Opinion: One of our favorites with its superb location, view and snorkeling. The personalized service is good, and the use of the amenities of the new Sofitel Beach Resort is a plus.

Pearl Beach Resort - Very good upper mid-range resort on a motu with all the amenities and an excellent choice of well priced bungalows. Not too large.
-The Good: View, Bungalows, Restaurant, Pool and Beach
-The OK: Food, Service, Shore access to Bora Bora
-The Not So Good: Snorkeling.
-Our Opinion: Rarely disappointing, very good all around, an excellent value.

Bora Bora Lagoon Resort - A nice resort in a good location across the lagoon.
-The Good: View, Restaurant, landscating, Pool and Beach, Snorkeling, Shore access to Bora Bora
-The OK: Food, Service, Bungalows
-The Not So Good: Maybe a little dated, Bungalow decks are on the small side. 
-Our Opinion: A quality resort with 5 stars amenities and a superb view of the lagoon and Bora Bora 


Sofitel Bora Bora Resort (ex Marara) - On the main island - A very good mid-range resort that is basically brand new.
-The Good: Beach, Restaurant, Pool, Bungalows
-The OK: Food, Service, snorkeling, view
-The Not So Good: Nothing so far..
-Our Opinion: A very good mid-priced resort with a nice beach and spiffy new bungalows.

Intercontinental Le Moana Resort - On the main island, a mid-size resort with an intimate Polynesian feel.
-The Good: Food, Service, View (depending on bungalow location), Snorkeling, Convenient to main tourist area of Bora Bora
-The OK: Bungalows 
-The Not So Good: Small beach in crowded area of Bora Bora, Maybe a little overpriced.
-Our Opinion: A good resort, but too little privacy or sense of seclusion. Too many homes and hotels nearby.

Le Maitai Polynesia - On the same beach between the Intercon and the Sofitel
-The Good: Price
-The OK: Food, Service, Snorkeling, View, Bungalows
-The Not So Good: Narrow beach, A road runs between between the main part of the hotel and the beach. Traffic can be heard in beach bungalows and some overwater. Spotty service.
-Our Opinion: A fair budget hotel - offers the least expensive overwater bungalows in Bora Bora

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