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St. Bart Tourist Important Informations
As I mentioned, the shopping is also excellent, so don’t fear inclement weather. It’s just an excuse to stroll around Gustavia or St. Jean, window shopping and perusing the many upscale boutiques that line the harbor. St. Barth’s is a duty-free tax haven and you’ll find many good deals on jewelry, designer clothing, and other luxury items; 
however, the current exchange rate tends to negate those duty-free deals.  Definitely buy a few bottles of Rhum Vanille (vanilla rum) to take home with you; it’s a specialty of the island which is served gratis after dinner in many of the restaurants, and it’s sure to bring back happy memories once you’ve returned home.
St. Barth Airport
Getting to St. Barth is a roller coaster ride --- literally. Only small planes can land on the short runway, so you fly into St. Martin and then take a 12 minute flight in a puddle jumper. Or you can take a ferry. But most people actually come to enjoy the dramatic landings over the hill and take-offs over the beach.  The low altitude flight provides great views of the island. Once you arrive, you pick up your rental car right there at the tiny airport. Whether you have rented a villa or reserved a hotel, there will be someone there to meet you and guide you to your lodging. You might want to tell them to meet you about an hour after your plane lands so that you can pick up your rental car and go to Match supermarket, which is across the street from the St. Barth Airport. 
St. Barth Airport
There you will find everything you need for your stay, from wine and liquors to fresh produce, cheeses, breads, local specialties, to sun screen, paper towels, and villa provisions. There are a couple of other supermarkets on the island but this is a very convenient spot to get your preliminary shopping out of the way before heading to your villa. (Even if you have a hotel room, most of them feature a small refrigerator to store wine or beer or bottled water.)

St. Barth Video
St. Barth Map
Okay, so you’ve finally reached your lodging --- Now what? You may want to stay close to home the first night, having dinner at your villa or in your hotel’s restaurant. There aren’t too many roads in St. Barth’s and it’s pretty hard to get lost, but since you’re probably arriving in late afternoon or early evening it might be best to wait until daylight to really explore the island. Before going to your villa you can stop at Maya’s To Go (also across from the airport, a hundred yards or so down from Match on the same side) or Kiki et Mo’s (a bit further down in St. Jean) and pick up a full meal, wine, beer, etc. As the week progresses you will probably eat many dinners in the 90+ restaurants on the island, but it’s nice to have the option to hang out by the pool or on the beach or on your patio, listen to some music, and relax over a low key meal "at home". There is also a service which will deliver food from several restaurants: Allo Delivery, phone is 0590 51 07 77.
St. Barth Romantic Beaches
‘Where to eat?’ will be your most difficult decision every day (your only other decision is what beach to go to). Many people opt for a picnic-type lunch, getting bread, cheese, and other take-out items from the places mentioned above, or of course one of the supermarkets. Add a bottle of wine and a beach and you’re set. Others opt for a sit-down lunch at one of the many restaurants with a view, such as Nikki Beach Club, The Sand Bar (at the Eden Rock Hotel), or La Plage on St. Jean Beach; Le Sereno, or L’Indigo on Grand Cul de Sac; Wall House, Le Repaire, or one of the many other restos around the harbor in Gustavia; Do Brasil on Shell Beach near town; or my personal favorite, Le Case de L’Isle at the Isle de France (IDF) hotel on Flamands Beach. At the IDF your luncheon reservation buys you a spot (for the whole day) on one of their cushy lounge chairs on the beautiful beach. You can either eat lunch in your beach chair or up in the beautiful seaside restaurant which is open to the ocean breezes.
St. Barth
Meals in St. Barth’s are usually expensive but worth it, unlike many spots in the Caribbean. There are some bargains; do some research in advance and you’ll discover Le Select (of Cheeseburger in Paradise fame), Andy’s Hideaway, Chez Rolande/The Wishing Well, Le Bouchon, Les Bananiers, and others. The dollar/euro situation is a big issue for U.S. visitors, so be prepared for everything to be nearly 50% more than it appears (i.e., 100 euros is $147 as of this writing) . The restaurants run the gamut in terms of theme but are consistently above average compared to other islands. You can find French cuisine of course (after all you are in France), lots of seafood, Thai, Chinese, Italian, pizza, sushi, etc…. pretty much whatever you’re looking for is available here. Many visitors find that even after a couple (or even a dozen) visits they still haven’t dined at all the restaurants on the island. But they sure have fun trying!  Here's a website which provides a current list of all the restaurants on the island, as well as photos of each one:
St. Barth
Many questions about St. Barth’s can be answered by perusing two websites: and The former is an extensive guide to the island and the latter is a travel blog/forum, with contributors who range from “newbies” to those on their 25th trip to the island. Both offer a wealth of info on where to stay, where to go, what to do, and where to eat, along with other helpful details on life on St. Barth.

In summary, I can only tell you this: your first trip to St. Barth will definitely not be your last. I think it’s one of the most romantic spots on earth, and I hope you get to go there some time in your life.

St. Barth
Villas for rent
Rent a Villa in St Barts: Take an extraordinary island in the northern Caribbean, add lush tropical vegetation and golden sands, plus a wide range of luxury villas where you can play at being Robinson Crusoe without renouncing the finer things in life.

Radiant under the tropical sun, with contemporary lines conforming to the landscape, these villas cling to the hillsides or sprawl on the beautiful beaches on Saint Barth.

For a great vacation with family or friends, or just a romantic getaway for two, the island’s exceptional villas are one of the essential elements that make Saint Barth a perfect little paradise.

Whether they are Caribbean or contemporary in style, many of the villas have unique interior design or infinity pools with views that simply take your breath away. Inside, you will find everything you need to enjoy a comfortable stay, but also enjoy a magic moment lost in time.

St. Barth
St Barts Nightlife
The night wasn't over after sweatin' it out at Le Ti St. Barths. We still had another stop to make----this time at the island hotspot, Le Yacht Club.

After hanging out at Nikki Beach during the day, we made friends with one of the gals working there who also happened to work as a hostess at Le Yacht Club. Her name is Nellie and when I told her we had plans to check out Le Yacht Club, she made sure we got the best VIP table in the house and gave us the full Red Carpet treatment upon our arrival.

She advised to "wear white" at the club. When I asked her why, she said, "You'll light up in the club! You'll see!"

We arrived at the club and once you walk through the doors, you truly felt like you were stepping into the interior of a Bling Bling yacht! Low ceilings.....marine decor.....and the way the fluorescent lights were set up, all of us *glowed* in our white attire.

We quickly discovered that this was the place where the locals who worked the nightshift at the restaurants would go to party after-hours. We met up with some of our hard-working waitstaff from Le Ti and even "Mr. DJ" came by for a nightcap !

It was a cool, hip very European atmosphere and the crowd was friendly and completely into the music. The dancefloors were packed so getting our own little corner lounge area was a great experience.

St Barts Nightlife
St. Barths Restaurants
The island of St Barts is known for its sophisticated yet casual restaurant scene. Caribbean Travel & Life magazine named it the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Whatever dining experience you want, trust us, you can find it in St Barts. From four star Relais & Cateau rated dining at Le Gaiac, The Rock, and Victoria's, to harborside bistros and cafes like Boucanniers, Le Repair and the Wall House, to feet in the sand casual dining at La Plage and Do Brazil. Did we mention that St Barts has over 80 restaurants? See featured restaurants list or "Inexpensive Picks" for dining out.

Do Brazil,
Shell Beach
St. Barths
Tel: 590 590 29 06 66
This three-story open-air eatery, co-owned by restaurateur Boubou and tennis-star/pop-singer Yannick Noah, sits on Gustavia's Shell Beach  and makes for great people watching (take your pick of the people inside the restaurant or lounging in the sand). Boubou is a local personality who is often found sitting down at his guests' tables, sharing the island gossip. The fresh fruit drinks are a treat, and the nominally Brazilian cuisine, which includes moquequa, a fish stew, is decent, if a bit of an afterthought. Come for the sunset to really catch Do Brazil at its best.
Closed September and October.

The French Heavies in St. Barths
For serious dining—and prices to match—there are three choices (all French, bien sûr): the chic Le Gaïac, where you can get a taste of the Le Toiny hotel without breaking the bank (Anse de Toiny; 590-590-27-88-88.

K'fe Massaï
St. Barths
Tel: 590 590 29 76 78's insider take:

Another of the island's themed restaurants, this time invoking the deep reds of the African plains with tribal sculptures, a low-lit safari lodge–style interior, and a small terrace and garden sufficiently steeped in foliage to mask the fact that the restaurant is actually in the middle of a car park by the Oasis shopping center. The old-world feel is only skin-deep: The fixed-price menu, supplemented by a board of daily specials, is French-international, and the food is actually rather good. The foie gras special comes highly recommended.Open daily for dinner.

La Case de l'Isle (€€€€)
Hotel St-Barth Isle de France, Flamands
Telephone: 0590 27 61 81
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Traditional French cuisine, elegant and light, for lunch and dinner. Lunch is served in the restaurant or while relaxing by the pool.

Langouste (€€€)
Flamands Beach
Telephone: 05 90 27 63 61
The place for fresh lobster in a casual setting. Restaurant is located on the beach; Annie will make it an unforgettable night.

Restaurant l'Indigo at the Hotel Guanahani (€€)
Grand Cul de Sac
Telephone: 0590 27.66.60
Breakfast and Lunch
Amex, Diner's, Visa, MC
Overlooking both the swimming pool and the turquoise waters of the sea, Restaurant Indigo provides the perfect place to enjoy breakfast. Equally, this idyllic setting sets the scene for fabulous lunches. Fresh fish and lobster every day - just bring a pareo!

Gloriette (€€€)
Grand Cul de Sac
Telephone: 0590 27.75.66
Dinner €30-€70
Creole dishes, small and casual but very local.

Le Pecheur at the Hotel Le Sereno
Grand Cul de Sac
Telephone: 590 590 29 83 00
Lunch and Dinner
Casual beachfront restaurant serving the freshest seafood and grilled specialties.

Le Gaïac at the Hotel Le Toiny (€€€€€)
Telephone: 27.88.88
Lunch and Dinner, €70- €200
Whether your preferences are classical, or you are tempted by the savory spices of the islands, dining at Le Gaïac is the epitome of refinement and delicacy, a subtle orchestration of tastes, aromas, textures, and décor. Great Sunday brunch

Le Sapotillier (€€€€)
Telephone: 05 90 27 60 28
100% French – Gastronomic. Very good food, a must try. Only open in high season

Carl Gustaf Restaurant (€€€€)
Telephone: 0590 29 79 47
Lunch 12-2PM, Dinner 7-10PM
Around €70-€200
With its panoramic view of Gustavia harbor and distant islands, this restaurant is a splendid setting for a either a light Antillean lunch, or the glories of a full blown French gourmet dinner.

La Mandala (€€€€)
Gustavia €50 €150
Telephone: 27.96.96
5 to 12 PM
"This is the most exciting restaurant on St. Barts. It occupies the premises of a house in Gustavia high above the harbor. The best place to enjoy the sunset. A must."...(Fommer's Caribbean Guide)

La Route des Boucaniers (€€€)
On the harbor
Telephone: (590) 27 73 00
Fax: (590) 27 73 05
At the foot of Gustavia harbor, enjoy the traditional and the new Creole cuisine of Francis Delage, as well as excellent French dishes, every day, for lunch and dinner. Arrive by boat, if you like, and don't forget our superb take-away service, offering a wide variety of dishes, available from 10AM to 10PM.

Maya's Restaurant (€€€€)
Telephone: 27.75.73
Dinner is either 7 or 9
Closed Sundays
On the ocean's edge in Public, Maya's is chic, elegant, and comfortable. The menu, which includes fresh fish, grilled meats, Créole dishes, and exotic daily specials, is intended to appeal to those who prefer straightforward and uncluttered cooking.

Le Select (€)
€5 - €20
Lunch and Dinner, daily except Sunday
Cheeseburger in Paradise!!! Very casual, great to a light snack or a cold drink after the beach. A must try...
Le Select is celebrating its 60th anniversary November 6-8, 2009! Book your St Barts villa and come have some fun Jimmy Buffet style.
More details...

Bête à Z'ailes (€€€)
Telephone: 05 90 29 74 09
Lunch and Dinner
Mediterranean, seafood and sushi. Right on the water.

Wall House (€€)
At the Pointe on port of Gustavia
Lunch and Dinner daily - €160 - €60
Popular new spot on the harbor. Serving Sea Scallops Carpaccio, Lobster salad Bruschetta, Lobster Bouillabaisse, Roasted Monkfish and several choices of spit roasted fare - duck, lamb and seafood

Eddy's Restaurant (€€€)
Telephone: 05 90 27 54 17
Dinner only, no reservation accepted
Creole – Exotic. Great atmosphere, wonderful food and good value. Not to be missed.

Santa Fe (€€€)
Telephone: 0590 27 61 04
Good Old Santa Fe, where it was great to stop and have a burger with the kids, with country music, pool, pin-ball and huge TVs, is gone. It is still called Santa Fe, but it is now a French restaurant specializing in BBQed fish and meat.

St. Barth Home
Other Details of St. Barth 
St. Barth  Tips
Hotels St. Barth

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St. Barth Home
Other Details of St. Barth 
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Hotels St. Barth
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