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Manhattan never sleeps
Between them by day in the glass and concrete canyons of the financial district smart-suited men and fashionably-clad women rush past one another like ants. New Yorkers and tourists party well into the night on Broadway. Thousands of cars creep like broad-fronted glaciers of steel through the miles of avenues and streets, with the constant urgency of police and ambulance sirens. New York never sleeps. It is the city of dreams: of the quick buck, of great success but also of great disappointment.

The Italian seafarer Giovanni da Verrazzano called this place - with its perfect natural harbor at the mouth of the Hudson River - Santa Mar-garita when he anchored here in 1524. In 1626 Peter Minnewit in the service of the Dutch bought Manhat¬tan Island from the Manhatto native Americans for $24 and named it New Amsterdam. The native American trail that crossed the island is still New York's principal artery: Broadway. Ten years later a second village was established opposite on Long Island, called Breukelen that is today's Brooklyn.

New York Markets
The settlements at the mouth of the Hudson River were a gathering place for people from many different countries right from the early days. The monk Isaak Joques counted eighteen different languages in New Amsterdam in 1643. Nothing altered in this cosmopolitan nature when the British took possession in 1664 and renamed the settlement New York.

New York is the "city that never sleeps"
New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It is often called "the city that never sleeps." In fact, Times Square at midnight seems more vibrant and active than most other cities at noon. New York has many tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations headquarters, the Empire State building and over 300 museums. It is renown for its wide variety of entertainments including the world famous Broadway theaters. There are over 30,000 restaurants in New York City plus countless bars and clubs. If you like big cities and lots of excitement, the Big Apple is a great place to visit.

New York
Getting to New York City
New York City is among the cultural and economic capitals of the world, so it's not surprising that it is accessible by land, air, and sea. The Tri-State area surrounding New York City boasts several international airports, three major train stations, a sophisticated highway system, and the largest bus terminal in the U.S. There are so many options it can be overwhelming for visitors to wade through them all. By setting your priorities with regard to money, time, and convenience, the options become clearer.

Transportation trends
While staying in New York City may be expensive, getting there generally isn't. Most of the low-fare airlines—such as Alaska Airlines, America West, AirTran, ATA, Independence Air, JetBlue, Song, and Southwest—fly into one of the New York City metro area airports. The prevalence of low-cost airlines keeps costs competitive, even with major airlines such as American and United. The resurgence of cheap bus travel from nearby cities is another popular cheap option, especially with students and younger travelers

New York
The rise of homeport cruising in recent years has made New York City an important stop along the Eastern Seaboard. Passengers can combine a trip to New York City with cruises north to New England and Canada, south to warmer waters in Bermuda and the Caribbean, or even across the Atlantic to European destinations.

Three main airports serve the New York City Metro Area. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), across the river in New Jersey, are the largest of the three and are comparable in size. LaGuardia Airport (LGA), while smaller, is still a major point of arrival and departure for both domestic and some international flights. Two smaller airports also serve New York City, including Long Island Islip McArthur Airport (ISP), in Ronkonkoma, NY; and Westchester County Airport (HPN) in White Plains, NY. These smaller airports serve mainly domestic low-cost airlines such as Independence Air and Southwest.

New York City area airports
John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), along with Newark, is the primary point of arrival and departure for New York City and the surrounding areas. Nine terminals house the more than 80 different airlines that fly in and out of JFK, giving travelers seemingly unlimited choices.

Distance from Midtown Manhattan: 17 miles

New York nitelife
Things to do in New York City
New York City may be an expensive destination, but there are still plenty of ways to save on activities. Many of New York City's premier attractions are completely free, or offer options for one fee. New York City also has ongoing cultural events, markets, and exhibits that are open free to the public throughout the year.
New York
Top five value attractions
Luckily, many of the quintessential attractions that draw visitors from all over the world to New York City also happen to be the least expensive. In fact, many are completely free. Here are some of the best:
Central Park: Central Park offers beauty and attractions in every season. Amazingly, what started as swampland and bedrock was filled in and blasted out to create the landscape and water features you see today, including Bethesda Terrace, Belvedere Castle, the Pond, Conservatory Garden, and Mall of American Elms. Check the conservancy website or one of the four visitors centers for more information on activities, free guided tours, bloom schedules, and free printable guides. Ice skating, horseback riding, rock climbing, boating, and other activities are available for reasonable fees. 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters: The Met houses a complete Frank Lloyd Wright room, ancient Nubian temple, baseball card collection, one of the best Central Park views, and an impressive collection of masterwork paintings and sculptures, all in one place. Entry gives visitors access to the museum, special exhibits, and museum tours, as well as admission to the tranquil Cloisters (home of the Met's Medieval Collection) a short bus ride away. The recommended admission price is $15 for adults. 
The American Museum of Natural History/Rose Center for Earth and Space: While the Museum of Natural History is designed to engage the under-four-feet set, there's plenty for adult visitors as well. The museum has the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the world, mineral and gem collections, a biodiversity hall, and the LeFrak IMAX Theater. The Hayden Sphere, housing one of the world's largest virtual reality simulators, at the Rose Center for Earth and Space puts a new spin on the usual planetarium shows. Museum/Rose Center tickets are $13 for adults, with discounted rates for children and seniors. Space shows cost extra. 
Brooklyn: Brooklyn has experienced a renaissance spurred on by the families, immigrants, artists, and young singles priced out of Manhattan. Start by taking a stroll from Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge—possibly the only place in the world where a plane can fly over a person walking over a car driving over a boat floating over a train. Continue to the Brooklyn Promenade for one of the best views of the New York City skyline. From there, explore Brooklyn Heights and south to the shops and restaurants of BoCoCa. A quick subway ride from there will take you to the heart of Brooklyn, an area with six major cultural attractions. Two attractions are completely free, the rest are very cheap: The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens for $5, The Brooklyn Museum for $8, The Prospect Park Zoo for $5, and The Brooklyn Children's Museum for $4, as well as The Brooklyn Public Library and Prospect Park for free. 
Grand Central Terminal: Rain or shine, Grand Central Terminal is always twinkling. Each week there are two free tours of this New York City landmark, and brochures for self-guided tours are available at the "I LOVE NY" tourism information booth under the brass clock in the Main Concourse. The pamphlet details the architectural history of Grand Central Terminal and includes a map. The terminal is free and open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.
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New York Other Details
Tips New York
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