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Nightlife and Entertainment in Nepal :

Normally in Nepalese society, most of the locals go to bed early and get up with the rising sun the life is still wide awake and young to many who need to keep themselves fully entertained and you will find plenty of places to fulfill your desire. Most of the restaurants in the main tourist areas like Thamel close after 10 pm but a number of bars stay open until after midnight. 

People travel to Nepal for various reasons and one of the reasons for their travel especially for the South Asian people has been to play in the Casinos of Nepal and try their lady luck smiling upon them. 

Over the years, Kathmandu has seen many changes; in people as well as in trends. However, one trend that has remained true over the years is that of South Asians traveling to Kathmandu to play in the Casinos of Nepal. 

Gambling has always been a part of South Asian culture. When you look at ancient paintings and text, you see kings and their women playing dice. When you look at holy scriptures, you read of gods and sages gambling. 

Kathmandu offers visitors an array of exciting, action-packed casinos where you can enjoy 24 hours of fun and games. There are six casinos in Kathmandu, all located in the premises of the city's top hotels, which offer your favorite games: poker, baccarat, roulette, pontoon, blackjack, as well as other card games and slot machines. All the games are played in chips and they can be purchased with US dollars or Indian rupees 

Nepal Casinos
Casinos of Nepal are
1- Casino Anna 
Location within the 5 Star Hotel de l'Annpurna. 
700 Trained Service Staff. 
Ground Floor facilities for beginners and those with a limited bankroll. 
Largest number of jackpot winners of any casino in the valley. 
Second Floor facilities for serious gambling with larger wagers and tournament players welcomed. 
Casino Royale located across the street. 

2- Casino Everest 
Location within the 5 Star Hotel Everest. 
Playing takes plays in one of Kathmandu's biggest banquet halls. 
Players are entitled to a free breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. 
High rollers may receive room comps and other spiffs . 
Regularly held entertainment programs. 

3- Casino Nepal 
Location on the premises of the 5 Star Hotel Soaltee Holiday Inn Crown Plaza . 
New renovations to make it the largest gambling center in the valley. 
Players are entitled to a free breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet . 
Regularly held entertainment programs . 
A newly established back-bar and game room for serious gamblers . 

Nepal shop
4- Casino Royale 
Location within the 5 Star Hotel Yak and Yeti A location in Kathmandu's most popular tourist center, Durbar Marg, 
Gambling in an Old-World atmosphere. 
Players are entitled to a free breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. 
Regularly held entertainment programs. 
A Kids Corner with entertainment games. 
Casino Anna located across the street. 

Located in a building that is part of a 125-year-old Rana Palace, Casino Royale is the pride of the Rana kings who built many beautiful palaces and recreation areas in Nepal. 

5- Casino Tara: 
Location within the 5 star hotel Hyatt Regency a deluxe hotel in Kathmandu. 
Unique in its interior ambience 
Mouthwatering vegetarian foods. 

6- Casino Rad: 
Location within the 5 star hotel Radission, Kathmandu 
Close to the Embassies, shopping centre, 
Regularly held entertainment programs.

A demigod hits back
The 4,225 foot (1,300 m) high valley of Kathmandu is the relic of a mountain lake that a mere 10,000 years ago suddenly released its water through the Chobar Gorge in the south. Geologists believe the outflow was caused by an earthquake but the Newar who have lived here for centuries know better: the demigod Manjushri performed the miracle with a single blow from his sword of light. The Nevar people's religions are Hindu and nature and talented wood carvers among them have created works of art that can be admired at many temples.
Nepal Temple
The Pashupatinath temple is the holiest place in Nepal. The river Bagmati is mythological appearing from Shiva's head, uniting life, death and water. This is the most preferable and auspicious place to die and being cremated for a Hindu in Nepal. In year 2000 there were 4575 people cremated at Pashupatinath, in 2001 there were 4909 people cremated at these ghats, and in 2002 there were 6185 bodies burnt along Bagmati River in front of the temple
Cremation is generally perceived as the most auspicious funeral practice. The body and the cosmos are governed by the same laws, and the difference between micro- and macro-cosmos is basically a matter of scale, not of nature: Cremation is cosmogony. 
A cremation is structured around dagbatti - the lightening ceremony of the pyre. The deceased's eldest son is carrying the fire three times around the pyre symbolising the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and the course of the sun. A little piece of sandalwood is placed below the mouth of the deceased, symbolising that the total pyre was built of sandalwood, and the fire is put either on the deceased's mouth or on the sandalwood. The deceased's last breath left from the mouth and the pyre is therefore lit at the mouth from which the next incarnation will.
Kathmandu ("house of wood") probably dates from the tenth century when a number of villages on the old caravan and pilgrim trails between Tibet and India joined together. Monks and merchants brought their religions with them to the valley, first Buddhism, followed by Hinduism, and then the teachings of the Tibetan Lamas. Hence a variety of different religious buildings have come to be built in Kathmandu and shown by hard-working builders in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries for the Newar kings. Dozens / of shrines alone date back to King Pratapa Malla (1641-1674), an un-dogmatic mystic.
Behind the old temples and places of the Kathmandu Valley, above and beyond the hills that surrounding the valley, another kingdom' rises skyward. The abode of snows' which is what Himalaya means in Sanskrit, is a natural kingdom' and a magnet to mountaineers from all above the world. You don't have to be Sherpa or Hillary in order for you to get in amongst these great mountains. With a touch of enterprises and a modicum of fitness most travelers can walk the trails that lead into the road less heights of the Himalaya. In Nepal one trek is rarely enough, and many visitors soon find themselves planning to return. Fascinating old town, magnificent temples and great walking are not all Nepal has to offer. Many visitors come to Nepal expecting to find these things but also discover how outstanding friendly the Nepalese are.


The Himalaya, the "abode of snows", extends from Assam in eastern India west to Afghanistan. It is a chain of the highest and youngest mountains on earth and it encompasses a region of deep religious and cultural traditions and an amazing diversity of people. A trek in Nepal is a special and rewarding mountain holiday.


Other Details of Nepal
Tips of Nepal

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