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Away from the noisy streets there are old parts of Kathmandu that appear not to have been changed for centuries where sacred cows chew at the garbage lying around and scraggy dogs chase one another. Ancient merchant's houses stand cheek by jowl in the narrow streets with artistically carved showcases and together form monuments from the time of the Malla kings that are an open air museum of Nepalese and Tibetan architecture. Hindu shrines with rectangular bases and triple-winged roofs alternate with rounded Buddhist pagodas, elongated prayer halls, and pavilions with images of the gods and masks of demons.
The Royal Family of Nepal 1996
The Royal Family of Nepal 1996
Nepal's history is closely related to its geographical location, separating the fertile plains of India from the desert-like plateau of Tibet. Its position between Indian and China meant the country was able at times to play the role of intermediary - a canny trader between two great powers - while at other times it faced the threat of invasion. Internally, its history was just as dynamic, with city-states in the hills vying with each other for power until one powerful king, Prithivi Narayan Shah, overran them all. That history is very visible today with the three great towns of the Kathmandu valley - Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur - still bearing witness to their days as fiercely competitive mediaeval mini-kingdoms. Indeed, in Nepal it's often possible to suspend belief and mentally roll the clock right back to the mediaeval era. Nepal's history
Nepal also has it's own "Nepali cuisine". However, other cuisine like Indian, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese and Thai are available in most of the hotels and restaurants. Among all, Nepali and Newari cuisine are very popular. Nepali favorite dish 'MOMO' is world renowned.
Nepal - Shopping
Nepal - Shopping can be very rewarding and exciting in Kathmandu. There are numbers tourists' shops on the main street and in the arcades of hotels bursting with tempting jewelries, image, clothes and typical Nepalese craft. In some of the small village shops one can obtain traditional makes and beautiful potteries. Antiques can be taken out of the country with special permission granted by the Dep. of Archeology only. Traditional crafts mans colony in Patan is also famous shopping center for Nepalese handicraft.
Hotels - Nepal
Aloha Inn - Fairmount Hotel - Garden Hotel, The Garuda, Hotel - Hotel Gurkha Haven - Hotel Yak and Yeti -Hungry Eye, -Hotel Sunset View, 
Hotel Tibet Guest House 
Doublee Restaurant & Bar, New Road, Kathmandu. - Baan Thai Restaurant, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. Koto Restauran Durbar Marg and Thamel Kathmandu. - Murxana Restaurant & Bar, Kamaladi, Kathmandu.
Hotels - Nepal
Dal, Bhat, Kukhura ko Masu, Tarkari & Achar: A typical Nepali set meal consists of Rice, Lentil, Chicken, Vegetables and Pickle.
Nepal - Shopping

In the center of Durbar Square stands the old Hanuman Dhoka royal palace built on nine storeys with temples, and large reception halls. The structure is dedicated to the ape king Hanuman who protects against illness. Within there is reverence too for the elephant head of Ganesh, god of wisdom and wealth. A golden gate leads to the coronation courtyard of the Nepalese ruler. In a further courtyard, the Mul Chowk, buffalo, billy-goat, and cockerel are given up in order to make the mother god Durga gracious
Despite Nepal's lack of raw materials, shopping here is quite advanced. Curio arts, Garment and Carpets are head the export list. Nepal's carpet industries are world renowned. Apart from infinity variety of carpets, other hand made jewelry, thankas, block prints, embroidery, Tibetan carpet, pottery, masks & puppets, metal work, tea and other decorating items are among the best souvenirs you can buy here.

Nepal - Shopping
In a Nepali home the kitchen is off limits to guests. Avoid polluting food by inadvertently touching it or bringing it into contact with a used plate or utensil. Using you own fork or spoon to serve out more food will do this. Putting your used plate on a buffet table risks making the food still on the table jutho or polluted. Notice how Nepalese drink from cup or water vessel without letting it touch their lips.


Tips of Nepal
Nepal Tourist Info
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