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Miami Beach has one of the most gorgeous ocean fronts in the USA. This narrow stretch of land is jammed pack of activities and sites for all to enjoy. Whether you party during the day or all through the night, youíll love every minute you spend at Miami Beach. The Art Deco District is the perfect spot for the hippest nightclubs and trendiest restaurants. Spend a few days at Ocean Drive, home to a fantastic beach thatís a familyís paradise. Itís a perfect place to build sandcastle and go on a few treasure hunts. Experience Lincoln Road, a row of successful art galleries, lively performing-arts showcases and trendy cafes. Experience the ocean whether you snorkel or sail. Stay at the some of the greatest hotels Florida has to offer and dance the night away. Miami Beach will definitely put the bounce back into your step.
Miami's always been famous for -- Miami Beach
As you plan your trip, know that winter is the best time to visit, but if money is an issue, come in the off-season -- after Easter and before October. You'll find plenty to do, and room rates are considerably lower. Summer brings many European and Latin American vacationers, who find Miami congenial despite the heat, humidity, and intense afternoon thunderstorms.
in the Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables area, has the only sub tropic climate in the United States, other than Hawaii. This region is exposed to daytime onshore breezes and enjoys comfortable temperatures during most of the year. Although the temperature is relatively moderate, the combination of the temperature and high humidity can be uncomfortable from May through September. However, cooling ocean breezes help to modify the climate. In fact, it actually has fewer very hot days each summer than does the northern part of the state. In wintertime, it is one of the warmest places in the U.S. mainland, with sunny days and balmy nights. Most rain falls in summer, with frequent but brief, heavy thunderstorms. Hurricane season is generally August through October, with most occurring in September
Miami Beach Visitors Center offers morning walking tours of the historic Miami Beach Art Deco district. Tours give visitors a chance to explore the architecture, shops, cafes and museums. Other tours offered by the Visitors Center include kayaking, bus tours and cultural tours.
Along the coast you'll find the area Miami's always been famous for -- Miami Beach. With miles of pristine beaches and some of the city's best hotels, shops and restaurants, this neighborhood has everything you could want in a Miami vacation. Head down to South Beach and take a walk along Ocean Drive or brighten your mood with a tour of the pastel-colored buildings in the Art Deco district. Take your pick of the incredible number of restaurants, shops and nightclubs here -- you can't miss! 
Miami dining,
With Miami dining, you will find enticing flavors, exotic ingredients and mouth watering selections. Alfresco or indoors, casual or extravagant, International or Caribbean, New World or Floribbean ó an epicureís paradise awaits you in Greater Miami and the Beaches. 

Miami's dining scene is truly exciting, one of varying tastes that can satisfy the most complete palate or craving. With so many different cultures migrating to Miami, local flavors tend to be much more exotic. The influence of flavors and culture here is almost overwhelming and has many positive effects on menu and recipe design.

Whenever you visit Greater Miami, you're in for a delectable time when it comes to dining because no matter what you're craving, chances are it's being served somewhere in our world-class destination.
Miami Market

Downtown Miami is accented with an array of glistening high-rise buildings. The area is a bustling business center. A great way to get a quick tour of this area is on the Metromover - a fully automated rail car that runs on an elevated loop through the heart of Miami's business district. The area is rich in cultural offerings including the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts and several museums such as the Miami Art Museum and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida

Miami Market
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Miami Tourist
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