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You should beware of pickpockets, especially in crowded areas like tourist attractions or the border stations (Macau/Zu-Hai or GuBei). Keep your valuables somewhere safe. Pickpockets usually come in group and cover with surrounding distraction. Avoid carrying excessive baggage, and be sure to take responsibility for keeping yourself safe and aware of your surroundings.
Be wary of harassment from street prostitutes and hawkers handling out leaflets/flyers. Among the more insistent flyer flingers are Falun Gong, a religious/political organisation. If you do take one of their flyers (which is sometimes the easiest way to get rid of them) and you are going to mainland China, be sure dispose of it before crossing the border. The organisation is illegal in China and being caught "smuggling" some of their propaganda would be a major hassle.
Recently a scam involving mainland Chinese visitors asking for money has become widespread, mainly in downtown Macau. These people, who are usually properly dressed, claim to have lost their wallet and not to have eaten the whole day, asking for MOP20-30 to buy some food. The police have issued warnings in the local media not to give money to these people.
In the mid-90s, Macau had some vicious gang wars among the triads, mobsters with automatic weapons. Macau police had the situation partly under control by the time the Chinese took over in 1999. The current government seems to have it entirely under control; there has been no sign of open mob conflict in this century. The triads usually don't bother ordinary people, so the advice is not to mess with them (such as by borrowing money from loan sharks and then failing to repay it), and they won't mess with you!
Macau Drink
Macau Drink
According to Macau's special style, various types of drinks have become popular. Macau residents enjoy having beer as entertainment after work. Therefore, clubs and bars are open more frequently. To best fit the Macau-savvy image, coffee should be the first drink to mention since Macau has a strong multicultural sense. Drinks to be enjoyed include vinho verde, a Portuguese white wine that complements salty Macanese food, and caipirinha, a delicious Brazilian cocktail.
Macau Drink
Blue Frog Bar & Grill, Shop1037, Venetian-Hotel-Resort, Cotai, Macao, SAR, China (Opposite the Cotai Arena), ? +853 2882 8281, . 7am to 2am. o Already famous in Shanghai and establishing a strong presence in Macau, the blue frog is the perfect place to go for classic Western-style dining and drinking, affordable prices, and exceptionally friendly service. On the menu, particular emphasis is given to North American favorites, with every dish prepared from scratch using fresh, authentic ingredients -- and served straight from the kitchen in generous portions. blue frog is also proud to boast one of the widest selections of shots, cocktails, liquor and wines in Shanghai and now Macau, so whether you are looking for a great party or just a quiet drink after work, we have you covered. HKD500-1000.


The Monkey Bar Lounge and Nightclub, 1st Floor, Grand Waldo Casino, Taipa, Macau, ? +853 2888 6833. An exotic blend of New York Chic with Asian eroticism incorporating the cool late night sounds of those who live on the edge / with the hippest music sounds that can be found in the fast growing region of Southern China . A late night haunt for those who can't & won't sleep. Not a place for those who want to be seen, but home for those who know how to live their life without those who judge by what you wear. A place where your darkest thoughts meet your deepest desire. Opens 6pm to 5am.
Macau eat
Macau Eat
Macau is famous for excellent restaurants, unique cuisine and mellow bars. It is a premier dining and drinking destination in Asia. The Portuguese brought not only European cuisine, but also influences from their other colonies (Brazil, Goa and Angola) to Macau. As a result the city now offers one of the world's most intriguing gastronomic adventures. Look for local specialties such as bacalhau (salted cod) and African chicken.

There are a few interesting departures from standard Cantonese fare that you can try in Macau. Portuguese cuisine is available at a number of restaurants, and for a snack, try the milk pudding at the cafes in Largo do Senado. Street stalls sell tasty strips of barbecued pork as well, and Macau is also famous for their pork cutlet burger. For the budget-minded, wander the back alleys and you'll come across plenty of mom-and-pop Chinese eateries. Note that most of these places have menus on the walls that are hand-written in Chinese only.

Macau Lotus Square
Macau Lotus Square
The greatest concentration of restaurants in Macau is in the Peninsula, where they are scattered throughout the district. Taipa is now a major destination for those going for Portuguese and Macanese food and there are many famous restaurants on the island. There are several restaurants in Coloane, which is also home to the famous Lord Stow's Bakery.
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Lord Stow's Bakery is a creator of eggtart, a Portueguese cookies made of flour, egg, margarine, and milk, better to be eaten when it is still hot. Nowadays, eggtart becomes a popular snack in Macau, sold almost everywhere in the city, especially in Largo de Senado. In around the Ruins of St. Paul, you can find many local bakery selling eggtart, but the original one is claimed to be made in Lord Stew's Bakery.
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