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A Couple Of Tips On Slot Machines. 1) If You Plan On Spending A Decent Ammount Of Time At The Slots In A Particular Hotel Be Sure To Get A Players Card From The Casino Area Because You Can Build Up Your Complimentary Points Total The More You Play And Exchange Them For Many Things Including Free Food, Gifts, Line Passes, Room Upgrades And Even Free Nights. Some Hotels Are Owned By The Same Company For Example Bally's, Caesars Palace, Flamingo, Paris, And The Las Vegas Hilton Are Under The Same Ownership Which Means Any Slot Points You Gain At Any Of These Resorts Will Be Added Together And Can Be Redeemed When Your Ready. 2) Make Sure You Insert Your Card Into Every Machine You Play And Of Course Make Sure You Take It With You When You Leave Each Machine. 3) Never Ever Leave Your Machine If You Still Have Credits On It And If You Do Need To Leave For The Restroom Or Something Else Either Cash Out Or Ask An Attendant To Hold It For You Until You Return Which They Are More Than Happy To Do. If You Should Be Lucky Enough To Get A Big Win And Empty The Machine Of All Its Coins Which Will Then Need Refilling Again Do Not Leave Your Seat Because Someone Could Sit There And Claim Your Winnings So Wait Until You See An Attendant And Call Them Over Where They Will Assist You And Refill The Machine. 

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Adult Advertising
As you walk up and down The Strip at dusk or during the evening you see groups of people standing on the sidewalk slappng packs of cards against their hands. However these cards don't have anything to do with Poker or Pontoon but rather are advertising various adult services, escorts etc.. To avoid being given one of the cards just walk straight past and don't show any signs of interest - quite hard when you first hear the 'slap, slap. slapping' noise and wonder what it is. They generally seem to be offered just to men and if you are walking past as a couple or in a family group they may not bother to offer you one. Although if a man in your group falls behind or goes ahead this may not be the case! Mind you on the crowded sidewalks of Las Vegas there's also the matter of simply trying to avoid and not bump into the people giving out the cards themsleves never mind just avoiding the cards! It is worth being aware of this practice in order to avoid any upset or offence that receiving a card may cause.

Las Vegas Night Life

Areas to avoid in Vegas
Unless you are going to a bush league ballgame at Cashman Field (on LV Blvd. north), DO NOT wander north of the freeway (I-95) on the Strip. Unless you specifically want to score some crack or donate plasma, just stay out of this area. There are plenty of creeps and characters downtown to entertain you without risking your life. Also stay away from Fremont street once it goes beyond the Downtown area (again, unless you are looking to score some speed or cheap action from one of the many disease-ridden crackwhores in this area). I personally feel totally safe night or day everywhere except north Las Vegas/ north of I-95. ( I actually enjoy soaking in the seedy/ "iffy" areas of our fair city and I hope this warning won't intimidate you from doing so as well. Check out the map for details of my suggestions.
Las Vegas Night Life


Obviously, with any big city, you must be aware of your surroundings and make sure your wallet is in a safe place. I do encourage women to use purses that zip shut and that have a strap that can go diagonal across one shoulder (or those new, cute styles that have a very small strap that fits snugly over one shoulder, like in the picture) and I also encourage men to keep their wallets in their front pocket. I really don't want to freak anyone out, but it is something to be aware of at all times! There are many outdoor shows in Vegas: Bellagio's water show, Treasure Island's pirate ship battle, the Mirage's volcano, Fremont Street Experience, etc. These events can get quite crowded, and many times you will find yourself shoulder to shoulder with others. Common sense says that it is wise to realize a simple bump from behind may be just that, or it may be someone attempting to grab some cash. Many people are looking to make a quick buck in Vegas, and many try to do that by pickpocketing others! Here is some safety information if you are interested: 

Las Vegas Night Life

No matter how good looking he/she is, do NOT let them bring you drinks without going up to the bar with them, and don't go back to "party" with them. You may wake up with an extremely empty wallet and all your valuables on your person GONE. I have seen this on television and I know for a fact that it does happen in real life. There are a lot of shady people in Vegas that will do anything for money, and most of the time good looks will work in their favor. They have a way of making you think they're interested in you, only for you to wake up flat broke and stripped of anything worth value--INCLUDING a kidney!! In addition, prostitutes in Vegas may strike up a conversation with you to try & get you hooked into spending time with someone you think is interested, only to come to you at the end of the day to hit you up for money that you "owe" them for their services (you don't necessarily have to sleep with them; their time alone is worth money in their eyes). If you don't pay, their pimp will be hot on your trail!
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