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Spring and Fall Weather in Las Vegas
This is usually the best time to visit Las Vegas, especially if you plan to play golf and explore the city on foot. High temperatures are in the 70s and low-80s, and low temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. 
Quick temperature changes and strong winde can sometimes occur in the spring and fall seasons.
Winter Weather
The weather in the winter is generally mild and pleasant with clear skies and average afternoon temperatures near 60 degrees. Bring a jacket when you go out at night. You'll also be able to use it inside the casinos where the airconditioning tends to be turned up very high. 
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Las Vegas Casino adult Show

What do you get when you pluck your average boys-next-door off the street, put them on a reality TV show and teach them to dance? It's American Storm, the hot male revue at the Riviera, spawned from the VH-1 series, "StripSearch." 
"StripSearch" featured Thunder From Down Under creator Billy Cross and VH1's Rachel Perry traveling across America to find a group of attractive and talented men to compete for the coveted spots in the show. 

The show winners -- Terry Cress, Tony Cress, Sean Cassidy, Josh Hall, Rick Dejesus and Ryan Westerburg -- were once regular guys with regular jobs who now spend their nights entertaining a roomful of screaming women begging them to take it off. 

And take it off they do. American Storm is a journey through time and American history featuring the boys dancing in a series of vignettes that cater to women's fantasies. There are the requisite cowboys of the Wild West, gangsters from the Roaring '20s and a trip through the psychedelic '60s. 

The men of American Storm come from diverse backgrounds and there's something to appeal to every taste in this show -- including twins. Brothers Terry and Tony Cress are two of the audience favorites. 

Each of the dancers has a solo performance and there is a bounty of crowd interaction. Charming emcee Josh Hall exudes plenty of Southern charm as he sends the dancers into the audience. The boys make sure to visit every corner of the room and a few lucky women are pulled up on stage to get an up-close-and-personal view of the attractive cast. The show ends with a salute to America and the military, proving that every woman loves a man in uniform. 

Le Bistro Theater is a small, intimate showroom that can be too loud at times, but the music makes up for the sound quality. The show features some unusual tunes for a male revue. Instead of the typical bubble gum pop songs, you'll hear the likes of Green Day, The Killers and the Foo Fighters. 

The men of American Storm have come a long way since "StripSearch" and their dance skills have improved immensely. You sometimes still get the feeling these guys are wondering how they found themselves on a Vegas stage wearing next to nothing, but it's that very humble quality that the women find so charming and appealing. 

Las Vegas Casino adult Show
Adults Show
Blue Man Group
 Prices From:$76.50 
Venue: The Blue Man Group Theatre 
Location: Venetian
Category: Production Shows 

 Prices From: $108.90 
Venue: KÀ Theatre 
Location: MGM Grand
Category: Production Shows 

 Prices From:$65.00 
Venue: Jubilee! Theatre 
Location: Bally's
Category: Production Shows, Adult shows

Folies Bergere
 Prices From:$64.90 
Venue: Tiffany Theatre 
Location: Tropicana
Category: Production Shows, Adult shows

All That Drag - A Tribute to Broadway
 Prices From:$65.00 
Venue: Lucky Cheng's Drag Cabaret Restaurant 
Location: Lucky Cheng's
Category: Music, Production Shows 

Lance Burton
 Prices From:$66.50 
Venue: Lance Burton Theatre 
Location: Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino
Category: Magic, Production Shows 

Legends in Concert
 Prices From:$49.95 
Venue: Imperial Theatre 
Location: Imperial Palace
Category: Impressionist, Production Shows, Tribute shows 

Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater
 Prices From:$15.00 
Venue: V Theatre 
Location: Aladdin
Category: Comedy, Production Shows 

A Neil Diamond Tribute Starring Jay White
 Prices From:$54.95 
Venue: Le Bistro Theatre 
Location: Riviera
Category: Music, Production Shows, Tribute shows 

American Storm
 Prices From:$54.95 
Venue: Le Bistro Theatre 
Location: Riviera
Category: Production Shows, Adult shows 

 Prices From:$55.00 
Venue: Atrium Showroom 
Location: Luxor
Category: Production Shows, Adult shows 

An Evening at La Cage
 Prices From:$60.50 
Venue: La Cage Theatre 
Location: Riviera
Category: Impressionist, Production Shows 

Haunted Vegas Tour and Show
 Prices From:$48.25 
Venue: Celebrity Room 
Location: Greek Isles Hotel and Casino
Category: Other, Production Shows 

 Prices From:$45.95 
Venue: Theater of the Stars 
Location: Stratosphere
Category: Production Shows, Adult shows 

A Musical Tribute to Liberace with Wes Winters
 Prices From:$15.00 
Venue: Liberace Museum 
Location: Liberace Museum
Category: Production Shows, Tribute shows

\Las Vegas Casino adult Show

Adults Show
Danny Gans
 Prices From:$100.00 
Venue: Danny Gans Theatre 
Location: Mirage
Category: Headliner, Impressionist, Production Shows 

Crazy Girls
 Prices From:$38.45 
Venue: Crazy Girls Showroom 
Location: Riviera
Category: Production Shows, Adult shows 

 Prices From:$30.00 
Venue: Cheflive 
Location: Cheflive Studio
Category: Other, Production Shows

Forever Plaid
 Prices From:$39.95 
Venue: Showroom 
Location: Gold Coast
Category: Music, Production Shows

American Superstars
 Prices From:$30.95 
Venue: Theater of the Stars 
Location: Stratosphere
Category: Impressionist, Production Shows, Tribute shows 

Le Rêve
 Prices From:$79.00 
Venue: Wynn Theater 
Location: Wynn Las Vegas
Category: Production Shows

LOVE Cirque du Soleil
 Prices From:$137.50 
Venue: LOVE Theater 
Location: Mirage
Category: Production Shows 

Chippendales The Show
 Prices From:$57.95 
Venue: Chippendales Theater 
Location: Rio
Category: Production Shows, Adult shows 

CoCo Vega's VIBE and the Divas of VIBEology in the Krave Lounge
 Price: Free 
Venue: Krave 
Location: Aladdin
Category:  Dance, Production Shows, Nightclub

Las Vegas Casino

There are a lot of bars and nightclubs in Vegas where you have to be one of the "beautiful people" to earn a place to sit on a reserved couch.

Coyote Ugly is not one of those places. This is a drinking joint with a college party atmosphere.

The Southern-style saloon, based on the legendary New York City bar and film of the same name, has wooden floors and walls, and wooden bars with no chairs or bar stools. 

Coyote Ugly's trademark is the sexy female bartenders who get up on the bar and dance, sing and encourage patrons to drink more alcohol. Surprisingly, you will find a pretty even mix of men and women. The men come to ogle the "Coyotes," and the women come to let loose and dance. Women are encouraged to get up on the bar and cavort with the bartenders. Sorry, men aren't allowed on the bar. Of course, with all the women to look at, most don't seem to mind. 

Women are also encouraged to leave their undergarments behind for the "Bra Wall of Fame." Guys are a little more reserved -- they simply leave neckties behind instead. 

There is no DJ at the bar, but there is a jukebox with plenty of loud classic and contemporary rock music -- everything from AC/DC and Limp Bizkit to Kid Rock. Conversation is nearly impossible over the music, unless you go into the back room where there are some places to sit and escape the rowdy front bar. 

Coyote Ugly does not serve mixed drinks, only shots and beer, but there is a daiquiri bar outside Coyote Ugly selling frozen drinks for about $4. However, the drinks cannot be brought back into the club. There also is a logo shop with clothing and other items to commemorate your trip to Coyote Ugly -- the place where "misbehavior is encouraged."

Las Vegas
Customer service positions are historically low-paying jobs and Las Vegas is no exception. The people you interact with count on tips for a decent living so don't forget them while you're on your trip. They often get stiffed or are treated rudely when people take their lousy luck out on them. I generally tip as follows: 
At the Craps table: When the shooter's point is a six or eight I'll occasionally throw a dollar chip down on the layout and say "Hard six for the boys" or "Hard eight for the boys". It's a dollar bet that pays $10 if the next six or eight is thrown "the hard ways" (as doubles) and it's a way to not only tip the dealers but get them into the action. (Note that if the number your hard bet is on is shot easy, i.e. not as doubles, the dealers don't get the dollar, the house does, but the dealers still appreciate your getting them in the action.) Another way to get the dealers in on the action is to place a chip next to your chip(s) on the Pass Line. This is a Pass Line bet for the dealers. When you do this, the stickman will often say "Dealers on the line". (I usually do this when it's my turn to shoot the dice.) Another alternative is to simply throw about 5% to 10% of any winnings down on the layout "for the boys" as an out-right tip when you're ending your session.
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