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Hamburg Germany
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The town hall has more rooms than Buckingham Palace and the city has more bridges than Venice. The Hamburg merchants were clearly a self-confident lot who appear not to have been greatly troubled. The city is cool, not just because of the prevailing west wind but also because of architecture that pushes everything aside that stands in the way of progress. Though the sober reckoning of the Hanseatic merchants was right for no other German city today is and elegant or aesthetic. A fundamental part of the townscape is the malls now spread throughout the city. In 1980 the Hansa district was opened as the longest shopping mall in Europe, bringing an area under a glass atrium that had previously consisted of individual sites. By combining traditional bricks with glass and marble the splendor of Hanseatic architecture was so effectively captured that this style has also become a characteristic of the city. 
Today more than fifteen of these "galleries" provide for relaxed shopping that provides an alternative for a stroll to the traditional Jungfern-stieg boulevard One of these Passagen, as the Germans call them, exits to the Inner Alster, that expanse of water in the city in which the surrounding tall office blocks, Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, and delightful cafes are reflected. The aquamarine blue of this city landscape is partly formed by the adjoining Outer Alster with its surface of 405 acres (164 ha) making it possible to sail after work. The Alster provides fun but the wealth is created on the Elbe. Once mainsails piloted their way across this broad expanse of water but today container ships with gigantic cargoes dock here. The port accounts for a considerable proportion of the city and is still the most important source of work in the city.
Hamburg Germany
All is agree that Hamburg is one of the world's most beautiful cities! For centuries, Hamburg has had one of the largest international sea ports, with trade relations spanning the entire world, particularly English-speaking countries and South America. Even so, Hamburg is not situated on the open sea. Rather, it is located on the wide lower reaches of the River Elbe, approximately 100 km upstream from the North Sea. 
The container ships and cruisers sailing up and down the Elbe are a unique sight. Ships from all around the world moor at the-port, while Airbus aircraft are produced in Hamburg. The city itself has a subtly maritime and refined atmosphere. Magnificent offices owned by long-established traders and ship owners as well as the imposing town hall are reminders of the city's Hanseatic trading traditions.
Hamburg Germany
A city and a German federal state at the same time, Hamburg is the last of the great European city-states. Thus, the city has governed itself for many centuries. The "Burgerschafi" (the parliament) elects the Senate. The seat of Hamburg's government is the magnificent town hall. The tradition of democratic liberalism has left an indelible stamp on the city, allowing it to become Germany's leading publishing and media center. One third of Hamburg's economic output is accounted for by the media and the services industry. Today, it is no longer the port but the services industry which dominates Hamburg's economy.
Hamburg Germany
The city center lines Lake Alster: classic facades, elegant shopping streets, street crafts, restaurants, grand hotels from the 19th century interspersed with medieval churches. "Fleets" (open canals) flow through the city, which boasts no less than 2428 bridges (Venice, by comparison, has a mere 450). Hamburg is an exceptionally green city with large parks and gardens. Its hallmark is St. Michael's the unique baroque church. It goes without saying that with its over 90 consulates this international and cosmopolitan city offers a rich variety of different cultural events: theater, opera, classical music, ballet, musicals, pop concerts, museums, art galleries, cinemas showing the latest premieres etc
Hamburg Germany
Tourist info Hamburg
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