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Joining the Hanseatic League
The good people of Hamburg needed a little coaching in the twelfth century when their charter from King Barbarossa (Frederick I) vanished and they replaced it with an improved forgery since this guaranteed ships passage to the mouth of the Elbe, the right to catch fish, and freedom from liege to the local ruler which were the basis for the city's economic development. The joining of the Hanseatic League in 1342 gave such excellent trade relations that Hamburg quickly outstripped Liibeck. The nineteenth century brought a golden age with passenger sea travel between North and South America largely developing through the port of Hamburg. Even the mighty Chancellor Bismarck had to yield to the mighty Hamburg when he entered a customs agreement in 1888 when Hamburg was granted free port status. 
Today the cathedral-like ware houses still dominate the view in the storage area of the port in which goods are held duty free. In World War II the city was severely damaged but the economic miracle quickly restored it to one of Europe's wealthiest cities and a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. The Reeperbahn originally attended to the yearnings of sailors after long voyages and although the big ships now berth for unloading in the modern outer docks there is still the legendary mixture of jetties, ship's masts and hooters, and screeching seagulls.
Shopping, Markets in Hamburg Germany
The Fischmarkt and the Reeperbahn are also legendary. The latter is the most famous pleasure district of the world which each evening summons a gaudily colored procession and offers the inexpensive and brilliance but also human company and exotic pleasures. Recently the Reeperbahn has also attracted people to its theaters like the Schmidt's Tivoli and the temple of music that is the Opera House.
A city of water and waterways miles inland, with more bridges than Venice, Hamburg offers an excellent holiday option in the country. Three rivers, the Elbe, Alster and Bille; along with a scenic grid of narrow canals called Fleete traverse the city. As if that isn't enough water, the city centre boasts its very own lakes, and numerous water based activities for all to enjoy.
A green industrial city, Hamburg is Germany's second largest industrial centre. Nonetheless the spacious parks and gardens, woodlands, moors and heaths, have retained its character as one of Germany's greenest cities.
Hamburg Germany Market
Hamburg is also the banking and service centre for northern Germany. The fact that it is the world's principal consular city after New York underscores its international status. The Congress Centre, venue for many international exhibitions, is one of the most modern conference centres in Europe.
Today the city is also host to musical productions, such as Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Phantom of the Opera', for which a new theatre Neue Flora was specially built a few years ago. Hamburg's Kunsthalle, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe and Volkerkunde museum, are three of itís many worthwhile museums, but this isnít all this picturesque city secrets. 
Hamburg Germany market
Hamburg is a showplace of modern architecture; historic structures stand side by side with towering steel-and-glass buildings. The city is not compact and can't be easily covered on foot, many sections of interest are far apart and you'll have to depend on public transport such as taxis to get you around. 

The Alster is the perfect starting point for a pleasurable exploration of Hamburg. This lake, rimmed by the city's most significant buildings, sparkles with the white sails of boats and is divided by the Lombard and John F. Kennedy bridges into the Binnenalster (Inner Alster) and the larger Aussenalster (Outer Alster). The Binnenalster is flanked on the south and the west by the Jungfernstieg, one of Europe's best-known streets and Hamburg's most vital artery and shopping district. 

Hamburg Germany
The center of Hamburg offers fine opportunities for walking and shopping is plentiful. At the intersection of the Jungfernstieg and Neuer Jungfernstieg is one of the more fascinating streets of Hamburg, the Colonnaden, a colonnade of shops and cafes. In this neighborhood visitors will find Hamburgische Staatsoper, the famous modern opera house, worth seeing.

On a tourist level, Hamburg has a lot to offer. Thereís lots to see and do, the hotels are of international standards. Transport services are excellent and all up, it makes for a pleasant visit. Discover it further before you arrive, via these informative travel guides.

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Tourist Info Hamburg
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