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Dubrovnik - Croatia Tourist Attractions
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Dubrovnik - Croatia Tourist Attractions
Where does one start a tour of the city? The classic route is along the city walls because with every step these show off the beauty of the city. With a length of almost 1 'A, miles (2 km) encircling the fortifications they rise up to around 80 feet (25 m) above them and are 13—20 feet (4-6 m) wide. One's eyes are constantly drawn to the view across the expanse of sea and wanders back to with fascination to the jumble of thousands of roofs. From the fortifications you can also discern the clean lines of the city. Two main entrances, the Pile and Ploc gates lead to a carfare Dubrovnik, the heart of which clearly beats on Stradun also known as the Placa (main street) with its stores. Here where there are elegant middle class "palaces" and colorful stores past which people stroll are also the cafes where you can get a kava - coffee as black as night - where people hold discussions, and gaze at remarkably beautiful girls. It is still apparent today that the Placa was built by filling in the arm of the sea that separated the island from the mainland as it leads dead straight from the old town.
The main sights of the Sponza palace, town hall, and cathedral are close to the harbor basin. The outStanding architectural gem is the renaissance style rector's palace in which the Rector once lived as the    I senior elected official. The spiritual heart is formed bv the St. Blasius    ' cathedral dedicated to the citv's patron saint.
Dubrovnik - Croatia Tourist Attractions
Dubrovnik’s Libertas Summer Festival is the largest and most celebrated cultural event in Croatia: an irresistible outpouring of music, theatre and dance that attracts an all-star line up of international performers and an ever-increasing number of visitors to the unique setting of the indoor and open-air stages of the Renaissance/Baroque city. 

There are many doyens of the international music scene who have taken part in this manifestation that lasts for 56 years; let’s just recall some of them like Karajan, Richter, Menuhin, Ojstrah, Ciccolini, Janigr, Yepes, Mehta, Kondrašin, Szeryng, Mata?i?, Rostropovi?... and lately Montserrat Caballé, Stephen Kovachevic, Gidon Kremer, Tatjana Gridenko, France Clidat, Paula Agnew, Christopher Wilson, Eliot Fisk, Sabine Meyer, Denise Graves, Emma Kirkby, Antonio Meneses, Lucia Aliberti, Lazar Berman, Ramon Vargas, Russian Symphony Orchestra and many others.

Performances of renowned European and world’s names of drama (Peter Brook with Hamlet and Nekrošius’ Othello...), ballet and classic music made Dubrovnik Summer Festival become an event that exceeded the borders of Croatia and made it the most significant Croatian heritage exportation brand.

Dubrovnik Markets

Main attractions
The particularity and uniqueness of Dubrovnik is its permanent live connection to its rich past and its cultural heritage, while it keeps vibrantly in pace with contemporary life, echoing its spiritual identity and its presence in the European cultural environment.

The most recognizable feature which defines the History of Dubrovnik and gives it its characteristic are its intact city walls which run uninterrupted for 1940 meters encircling the city. This complex structure, one of the most beautiful and strongest fort systems in the Europe is the main attraction to the city's visitors.

Five fortresses, St. Lawrence and Revelin together with another three incorporated in the city walls, Min?eta Tower, Fort Bokar and St. John's Fortress give to its visitors unforgettable view of the city. Weddings are held in the small St. Lawrence's chapel or on Min?eta Tower. Performances and concerts are organized on Fort Revelin and St. John's fortress during the Summer Festival.

The State Archives in the Sponza palace, which contains the documents from 12th century on attracts those who would like to know more about the political and economical relation between Dubrovnik Republic and other European countries in the past. Franciscan monastery with the museum that contains the Old Pharmacy's inventory dates back to 1317 and it is a curiosity to its visitors. Dominican monastery with the collection of Dubrovnik School of Art 15th and 16th century, Treasure of the Cathedral with the reliquary and Rector's Palace are an attractions also.

Dubrovnik Markets

You will probably enter the old town through the Pile Gate - in front of you is the Stradun. Here you will find the Onofrio Fountain, built in 1438. On the right is the Franciscan Monastery, with one of the oldest functioning pharmacies in Europe, in operation since 1391. At the other end of the Stradun, you will find the locals' favourite meeting place, the Orlando Column, with the nearby Sponza Place and the baroque church of St. Blaise. Here is also the Rector's Palace, built in 1441, which is now a city museum packed with valuable and historic exhibits.
Probably, the reason why Dubrovnik Riviera beaches are so praised has its foothold in its warm, pure crystal clear sea, or scientifically high quality of the sea according to the EU criteria which justifies the country's tourist slogan: "The Mediterranean as it once was".
Most of the hotels in Dubrovnik, have "their own" beaches, in fact, those are all public beaches except for a few higher category hotels such as Excelsior or Argentina, which don't have public access.
is a Romance activity number one, just choose one of the many beaches in Dubrovnik Region and go for a dive to discover a new world of light and musical dance of planktons in the stary Adriatic
Many beaches in Dubrovnik have their own night bars and restaurants, featuring a romantic candle light atmosphere and a slow quiet playing music. Best such night bars are on Buza beach and Uvala beach and a night bar on Neptun beach.
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