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Dubrovnik - Croatia

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Dubrovnik - Croatia
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The motto of Dubrovnik declares that “freedom is not for sale for all the  money in the world .” The city unusually aroused a passion in the renowned cynic George Bernard Shaw who described  the city as “a paradise on earth.” 
Like a fiery flower the "Pearl of the Adriatic" sits in a cerulean sea, protected by massive fortified walls, with beautiful Italianate architecture. There was an outcry throughout the world when the Serbs fired on Dubrovnik during the Balkan War because everyone knew the collective heritage was irreplaceable. Today the war damage has been extensively repaired thanks to the commitment of the local people and international aid, and the city's life has returned to normal.
A settlement known as Epidau-rum was established on the mainland by the Greeks. When the Slavs invaded in 614 and conquered the place the inhabitants fled to a rocky island off the coast which today is the site of the old town of Dubrovnik. It speaks volumes for the diplomatic skills of the inhabitants that a couple of centuries later they formed a joint republic with their former enemies the Slavs settled on the mainland under the sovereignty of Byzantium.
Dubrovnik City
Traveling through Croatia, Dalmatia or Dubrovnik Region offers immense and rich experiences to every visitor. From the coastal to the continental parts, Croatia’s rich cultural heritage, combined with its magnificent natural beauties, make it the perfect place to spend your vacation at.
The total land area of Croatia amounts to 56.610 km.sq / 35.336 sq.mi., with a population of approximately 4.9 million. It features a total land border of 1.778 km (1.110 mi.) stretching from the historic city of Dubrovnik in the South to the ancient Roman city of Pula in the North, encompassing a 1.278 km (789 mi.) section of the Adriatic Sea. Spread like pearls along the coast, Croatia’s 1.185 islands provide a magical paradise to be experienced and explored.
Dubrovnik was founded in the first half of the 7th century by a group of refugees from Epidaurum (today's Cavtat). They established their settlement at the island and named it Laus. Opposite of that location, at the foot of Sr? Mountain, Slavs developed their own settlement under the name of Dubrovnik (named by "Dub" - type of wood). The settlements were separated by a channel which was filled in 12th century, present Placa or Stradun, and since than the two settlements have been united. At that time the city walls started to be built as a protection from different enemies ( Arabs, Venetian, Macedonians, Serbs, etc.), who wanted to conquer Dubrovnik. The today's name of Dubrovnik is derived from the Croatian word Dubrava, which means oak woods as, in the past, oak trees surrounded Dubrovnik. The Latin name Ragusa - Rausa, in use until the 15th century, originated from the rock (lat. Lausa - meaning rock) where the first settlement was established
All throughout the year there are various cultural happenings in Dubrovnik, a little something for you and your sweetheart but... 
every summer 'The City of Culture' welcomes the eager artists from around the globe into The City to reopen the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.
In a fabulous traditional ceremony on Stradun in front of the Orlando statue artists perform a small part of featured Dubrovnik Summer Festival performances in order to be presented with the key of The City to do as they please, to entertain, to dance to put up concerts and plays for amusement of the folk. And after the key has been handed and the Liberty Hymn played while raising the Libertas flag on top of the mast on Orlando statue, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is considered open.
Lyberty Hymn, verses from Dubravka, written by Ivan Gundulic, Dubrovnik's 17th century writer, considered to be one of the greatest Croatian writers. These immortal verses describe true Dubrovnik spirit with high praise to value of freedom. Dubrovnik Summer Festival, features many famous plays from local and foreign writers. The works of Shakespeare, Molliere, Drzic staged on equally famous stage, Dubrovnik this monumental and only authentic stage in the world giving a special feel to these famous medieval plays. Plays like Hamlet performed on Fort Lovrijenac, an unforgettable experience, something to talk on return home and best shared with loved ones. 
Except plays Dubrovnik Summer Festival features musical concerts, the works of immortal composers, like Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi performed in the Atrium of the Rector's Palace, one of the best ambients for classical and chamber music concerts or some concerts performed in the open like Carl Orf's Carmina Burana in front of the St. Ignatious church. 
Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the key cultural happening during the summer with hunderds of featured artists, street artists, special workshops, various exhibitions of mainstream and alternative art. Dubrovnik Summer Festival has a liitle something for everyone.
Tips of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Tourist info
Other Details of Dubrovnik
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