Dubrovnik - Croatia
Dubrovnik - Croatia

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Dubrovnik - Croatia



Rivals to Venice By the tenth century Ragusa - as Dubrovnik was then known - was an important maritime trading power that managed to retain much of its freedom through clever tactics and heavy tolls in spite of occasionally coming under Venetian, Turkish, and Hungarian rule. With its powerful fleet, Dubrovnik was a ri-Val for Venice in the fifteenth century when the superb monasteries, churches, and palaces were built that make the city such a work of art. After a short intermezzo under napoleon the republic came under Austrian rule in 1815 and later became part of the united Yugoslavia. Today Dubrovnik is part of Croatia and is a popular tourist destination.

Nightlife in Dubrovnik is relatively sedate, perhaps because everyone is pooped from swimming and sunning all day. Still, there's some action, mostly near Banja beach. After sunset.

not exactly a beach spot review, but as Dubrovnik is for many the most attractive destination in Croatia, we thought it deserves few kilobytes of space about it's nightlife and party venues. Numerous web sites praise city's beauty so it only seems right we start the same way. 
The city's fortified old town overlooks the dazzling Adriatic from a shelter of limestone cliffs and its marble-paved streets are lined with marvelously preserved churches, stately palaces, squares, and terracotta-roofed townhouses. Meanwhile, down below, along the seaside coast, fine beaches beckon - as do a slew of offshore islands - making Dubrovnik uniquely appealing to history buffs and sun worshippers alike. While you can spend days on end exploring Dubrovnik's ancient monuments, not all is history-heavy in this sunny city.

Dubrovnik - Croatia
Many forms of artistic expression flourished during the long and rich history of Dubrovnik. The Dubrovnik literature experienced its renaissance "rebirth" in the 15th and 16th century, when many immortal works of literature were created. Emerging from life in Dubrovnik and created to amuse, provoke, cry and laugh, Dubrovnik literature developed from the people. The Dubrovnik Rectors, regarded as the best-educated citizens of Dubrovnik of that time (Dinko Ranjina, Dominiko Zlatari?, Ivan Gunduli? and others), created immortal poems about their beloved city of Dubrovnik.
Through centuries Dubrovnik was the cradle of many famous painters. Little of the riches, created in both the famous and unknown paint shops, beginning with the frescos in the pre-romanic churches in the 11th and 12th century, to the greatest pieces of art by Ivan Ugrinovi?, Blaž Jurijev, Lovro and Vicko Dobri?evi?, Nikola Božidarevi? and Mihailo Hamzi? in the 15th and 16th century, is preserved. Many great works of art disappeared or were plundered during the centuries in fires, earthquakes and other disasters. From the remaining works it is obvious that Dubrovnik had great painters, artists with immense talent and skill that rightfully established them in the painting history of Europe under the name of The Dubrovnik Painting School.
Dubrovnik - Croatia
Food & Drink
You get the standard fare as in many other central European or Mediterranean countries (pizza, pasta, meat dishes, fish). All food is safe to eat as restaurants are regularly inspected, and there is no problem with drinking water. Seafood is a speciality along the Croatian coastline, unsurprisingly! 

Croatian beers are of a high quality. Try Zagreb's Ozujsko pivo or Karlovacko pivo or Tuborg, brewed under license in Croatia. In Dalmatia, some red wines such as Faros or Dingac are exquisite. You should also try Croatia's favourite brandy sljivovica, made from plums, or travarica, a herbal brandy.

Dubrovnik - Croatia

Being one of the worlds most attractive destinations, Dubrovnik is always a wild and adventureful place for going out. 

When night slowly falls over the City, a change befalls upon it and all seek for that special feel, a party, sweet and real like the heaven's delight. And the City offers that special unique feel, lures you with its moody trance and takes you in in its undreamable dream
The City (inside walls) is the center of all cultural, fun and party happenings in Dubrovnik, like its been since the ancient times. All life revolves around the everpresent City.
Nightlife begins every night with sundown as people start walking up and back the Stradun (Placa) street, a kind of customary walk before the good times get rolling. After the few roundabouts you go get yourselves a drink or two for warm up in one of the many bars or pubs, depending upon your preference, located in the City... After that its only rock, pop or electronic parties (techno, rave, trance, r'n'b...), all close to the City.

The best fun is always the summer time and the New Year when Dubrovnik is always among Top 10 locations to visit according to CNN

So where to go ?

Usually most of the Rock, Hard Rock and Alternative happenings is organized in the "old hospital" maybe 250 meters up the hill of the City from Pile gate or for larger events in "Lazareti" about 100 meters of the City from the Plo?e gate. There are many such events, mostly concerts and dedication events. 

From time to time a relatively open amateur event is organized called "Gitarijada" where local and other Croatian bands come to show what they got. It's a pretty big event as usually more than 30 bands come from all around Croatia to play their songs for the huge crowd.

Bikers party has become an usual yearly happening as thousands of bikers crowd up the streets to gather at this yearly fest. This fest features usual bike happenings, from burning the tire, wonderful bike exhibitions, short races and of course loads of beer and pure fun.

Other face of Dubrovnik are the Electronic music parties, regularly organized in "Lazareti" and a few other clubs on Babin Kuk. During the summer there are many such events organized in the open, on beaches and the islands near Dubrovnik. Past years such events have been held at Sv. Jakov, Lopud, Šipan, Zaton etc. Known DJ-s are always playing music at these parties and are responsible for a great feel of these parties. 

The best known Dubrovnik party is held in "Lazareti" on New Year and lasts three days. It's a must experience event for every true raver...

Pop music is an everpresent part of every European city so Dubrovnik is no exception. The way for popular music mostly ends up in Disco club Fuego and Capitano night bar.

Easier events with romantic or rather quiet atmosphere are quite often. The most popular places for relaxed feel are Buža, any of the beach bars in Uvala Lapad (Lapad bay), Copacabana beach on Babin Kuk, Banje and many other

Dubrovnik - Croatia


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