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Saint Lucia
Location St. Lucia is located lies roughly between 60° and 61° WeSt longitude and 13° and 14° North latitude. The island of Martinique is located 21 miles from the northern tip of the island, and St. Vincent is 26 miles from the southern tip. Click here for a st Lucia map. 

Area st Lucia is 238 square miles (619 sq. km), 27 miles long and 14 miles wide

Time st Lucia is 4 hours behind GMT.

Language English is the official language of st Lucia, A french-based Patois or Creole is also widely spoken.

People st Lucia has approximately 160,000 inhabitants. About 90% of the population is of African descent, the remaining population is of mixed, EaSt Indian, and Caucasian descent.

St Lucia weather
The climate in st Lucia is tropical, with an average temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, and 79 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. The rainy season is from June to November, and the hotteSt time of the year is from June to AuguSt, the cooleSt from January to March. ConStant Trade winds and occasional showers throughout the year make st Lucia’s weather very favorable year-round.

St Lucia History
The indigenous inhabitants of st Lucia were Amerindian tribes referred to as “Arawaks” and “Caribs” Indians who came from Central America around 200 AD and 800 AD, The Caribs called the island "Iouanalao" and "Hewanorra." meaning "Island of the Iguanas."

Columbus sighted st Lucia during one of his voyages, however, he never set foot on the island. The firSt European to settle on the island was the famous buccaneer, “Jambe de Bois.” who eStablished a fort at Pigeon Island.

Around 1600, the Dutch eStablished a fortified base in Vieux Fort, and in 1605, a British ship wrecked crew made the firSt attempt to colonize the island. They were initially well received by the Caribs, but eventually, the situation turned hoStile.
St Lucia airports and airport code 
International Flights arrive at the Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort, regional flights arrive at CFL Charles airport in CaStries. Driving time between the airports is approximately one hour. The St Lucia airport code for Hewanorra is UVF, the Castries St Lucia airport code is SLU. 

St Lucia Currency
The currency in st Lucia is the EaStern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) which is pegged to the US$ at 1 US$ to 2.7 EC$ banks offer an exchange rate of 1 US$ to 2.68 EC$. US currency is accepted in many places.
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st Lucia is a relatively safe destination, and you will find that people are generally very friendly and helpful. However, in recent years, crime has been increasing. It is always best to travel in a group, especially at night, and you should avoid carrying or showing off valuables and cash, leaving your room or car unlocked, or leaving bags unattended. Always negotiate prices in advance and don't be afraid to say no thank you to any services or goods offered, 
As a female, you will probably attract the attention of male st Lucians, and you should be prepared to experience some harassment. However, most advances are harmless, and can be averted with a little humor, and sometimes, a firm "no thank you."

St. Lucia is a tropical getaway that can be found in the heart of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Considering the French and British fought over this tiny island 14 times you just know it must be one fantastic destination. Although English is its official language the French influence can still be seen and felt. This only adds to the fabulous culture that thrives in Saint Lucia

You are greeted by the impressive cone-shaped peaks of Gros Piton and Petit Piton as you approach the island. They have protected the rainforests for centuries and thus, the vegetation and wildlife have flourished here. Keep your eyes open for the amazing flowers and birds that call it home as you explore St. Lucia’s hidden treasures. In fact, bird watching is one of the island’s favorite activities. Another great experience is to hike the paths within the rainforests’ boundaries. Just make sure you take your camera along. The scenery it displays is definitely worth capturing.

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