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Welcome to Jamaica the third largest island of the Caribben and the birthplace of Bob Marley and James Bond. A place that is both unique and familiar with beaches that strecth "clear blue" forever. And the seemingly endless hours of warm Caribbean sunshine. A trip to Jamaica may include river rafting, waterfall climbing, horseback riding, beachcombing, ballooning, diving, mountain biking, snorkeling or just relaxing in a swaying hammock watching the sunet.
Though the majority of the population is from African decent, there are people from Eurpean, Arabic, Chinese and East Indian ancestry as well. The Jamaica people are multiracial blend.

Once a Spanish colony, Jamaica came under the British rule in 1655 until 1962 when the county became and independent nation.

Larger and more varied than most visitors expect, Jamaica can't be explored in a few days. Its diverse physical beauty makes it an island that appeals to visitors worldwide. From the high peaks of the Blue Mountan, the dramatic water falls, white sanded beaches Jamaica is waiting to be discovered by you. There is no place on Earth like Jamaica

Driving Alone Thru Jamaica - Trip Report
In this trip report, boardite, JitterBug, rents a car and takes us on her drive through Jamaica. 

A New Experience - Trip Report boardite, Cinnni, provides a trip report on her recent visit to Negril, Jamaica. She explains observing her husband's reactions to his first trip to Jamaica. The trip report contains some great pictures of Jamaica. 

US Citizens Traveling To Jamaica Get Your Passport ASAP
Have you been putting off getting your US passport? If you are a US citizen it is time to stop putting it off and get on the ball. Here is information on getting your US passport. 

How I Spent My Summer Vacation 
As a child I dreamed of landing my sailing vessel on a deserted, tropical sandy beach with palm trees and coconuts. Like my favorite storybook character Robinson Crusoe. But when I go to Jamaica I am able to capture some of those same feelings I dreamed of as a child. The mode of transportation is different...the beach isn't quite as deserted as I dreamed... the coconuts are not free for the picking, but those same feelings of adventure and exploration and survival and warmth and sun and water are there for me. 

The Blue Mountains
Have you ever climbed "Jacob's Ladder" or been to the toppa toppa Jamaica? Check out what "getting high" and "cooling out" in Jamaica is all about! You will know just where to go when someone tells you to "Take a Hike!" 

January 6th Kojo’s Birthday in Accompong Town
Kojo's Birthday and the drums from the Accompong Maroons go into motion. Join Bill Evans on a trip to the "Land of Look Behind" and read about the longest anniversary celebration in Jamaica's history! 

Welcome to Jamaica…Six Miles Style
On my most recent trip to Jamaica, I got what many have called a “true Jamaican welcome”. Yes, I spent two days in the country and then decided to go to Kingston, where two young men from Duhaney Park gave me a true Yard-style welcome, at gun point. I was robbed. I had almost 15,000JA on me and they took it. 

How Stella Lost Her Groove In Jamaica
Our regular contributor, Kerri-Ann M. Smith, tells the true story of friend who "Lost Her Grove in Jamaica" with a man she met on the beach. 

Negril family vacation July 2006 - Trip Report
I spent the first 18 years of my life on the island and I never went to Negril. So....after 18 years of living in the US and going back to Ocho Rios all the time, I was really looking forward to this trip. 

Do It Do It DO it til you're Satisfied - Trip Report
The older I get the harder transition becomes. I don’t accept change well and I don’t transition well. I want my world to be the same all the time……it’s easier that way. The one exception to this has been Jamaica. But still….Jamaica shocks my sensibilities, albeit in a good way. 

Jamaica - Our Home Away From Home! - Trip Report
A visitor to Jamaica explains why Jamaica is home away from home in thier trip report. 

A Time to Heal - Trip Report
They say time heals. Can a trip to Jamaica do the same. "A Time to Heal" is a trip report on how a visit to Jamaica can help heal wounds. 

Almost A Yardie - Trip Report
A recent visitor to Little Bay, Jamaica and shares his experience in this trip report. 

How to choose where you stay in Jamaica
Considering that Jamaica has an awesome variety of accommodations and resorts it is sometime difficult to choose where to stay. Here is a guide to choosing where to stay in Jamaica. 

All about the Trelawny Yam Festival
Visting Jamaica in April? Learn more about one of Jamaica's growing food festival...the Trelawny Yam Festival 2006 

Beautiful Jamaica Mon'!! - Trip Report
A visitor from Ontario Canada went to Jamaica in January and shares her extensive trip report. 

Traveler Beware
A report on the dangers of the cruise ship industry and the need for passengers to be concerned. 

Top of Jamrock! - Trip Report
Spend 2 weeks with our moderator Magic in Jamaica as he writes a trip report including his visits to the Blue Mountain Peak, Kingston, Negril and Ochi. 

Bob Marley birth village - Nine Mile
Come February 6, 2006, many people worldwide will participate in celebrations and festivities in remembrance of Jamaican born International legend and King of Reggae, the Honorable Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley. 

Tips For Visiting the Dunn’s River Waterfall in Jamaica
Planning on visiting the Dunn’s River Waterfalls in Jamaica. Here are a few tips and hints that will help make your visit enjoyable. 

A true Jamaica story from Jack Slater....
Jack Slater tells us about one of his favorite days in Jamaica last July 2005 when he brought some radio stations down to Ocho Rios for a broadcast promotion

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