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August is probably the busiest time in Barcelona; at the same time about 10% of shops and restaurants can be found closed from mid-August to early September, when the owners go on vacations. You'll find cheap accommodation and a much quieter city as a vast majority of Spaniards go on vacation in August. Business is low, people from Barcelona tend to be on vacation, hotels that remain open but don't have their business customers tend to lower prices and make offers. However there will still be plenty of tourists. Barcelona has decent enough beaches but the locals will really appreciate it if visitors do not consider it a beach resort and don't wear beachwear when visiting churches, etc...

Barcelona is great off-season and is a lovely city even in winter months of January and February as long as the possibility of rain is low. Given the high humidity, 19-23°C is considered comfortable weather, which is normally the temperature between April and June and between late September-November. This is the best time to visit the city. Anything warmer than this can feel too hot.

Country: Spain / España 
Region: Catalonia / Cataluña 
Status: city (capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia) 
Area: 485 square kilometres / 187 square miles 
Population: 1.5 million in the city, 41 million in Spain 
Language: Castilian Spanish 
Currency: Euro (EUR) 
Time zone: 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 
Country dialling code: +34 
Telephone area code: 93 
Religion: mainly Roman Catholic 
Electricity: 220 volts, 50 Hz - round two-pin plugs are used
Barcelona Festivals
Barcelona hosts a number of annual fiestas, many of which are unique to Catalonia and offer an insight into its distinctive culture.
 Sónar. A annual three-day music festival held in Barcelona, Spain. It is described officially as a festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art. Music is by far the main aspect of the festival. The festival runs for three days and nights, usually starting on a Thursday in the third week of June.
Festes de la Mercè. Barcelona's main annual festival around the 24th of September, encompassing many events such as which group of 'castellers' can form the highest human tower, live music events, firework displays and processions involving wooden giants. All of this is accompanied by a heavy consumption of Cava, the national drink of Catalonia.

Festes de Gràcia. The Festes de Gracia is a Catalonian celebration, held around the 15th of August each year to commemorate the Assumption. During the week of festivities that mark one of Barcelona's most important fiestas, the city of Gracia explodes with fun, excitement, color and fireworks. Many streets are decorated by the neighbours, live music, food in the street, and the parties continue all night.

Festes de Sants. Similar to Gracia's event, but smaller and later on in August. If you can't go to the Gracia's, try go to this festival instead.
  Sant Jordi. 23rd of April. Considered to be like Valentines Day. People give roses and books around the streets. Traditionally men give women roses and women give men books. It is one of the most popular and interesting celebrations in Catalonia.

Corpus. Late in May (Corpus Christi day). An egg is put over the fountains (most of them in the churches, and decorated with flowers), and "magically dances" over the water. Most of the churches are in the city center: Cathedral's cloister, Santa Anna, Casa de l'Ardiaca, Museu Frederic Marés, and over 10 more fountains there are over 15b people live here.

Fira de Santa Llúcia. From December 2nd/3rd to December 23rd, to commemorate Sta Llúcia (December 13th). In front of the Cathedral, is where the Christmas objects are sold. Some places sell Christmas trees, but most of them sell elements for making the pessebres, the representations of the birth of Jesus that people uses to put at home. These include small sculptures, wooden pieces and moss used to simulate grass.

December 13th is the feast day of Santa Llucia, patron saint of fashion designers and blind people, who gather at the Santa Llucia chapel in the cathedral to pay their respects. 

Revetlla de Sant Joan. This is the midsummer solstice celebration. It is celebrated on 23rd June every year and is signified by the fireworks that are permanently on display during this time.

Fira de Barcelona. All year you have events The Feria Internacional de Barcelona organisation was not officially constituted until 1932. The International Exposition was held in 1929.
  La Mercè. (few days before Sept 24): Another day that is famous, but not that important. It is holiday and the city offers a lot of activities to have fun. Enjoy fountains and fireworks show at the base of the Montjuic hill.

Situated on the coast of Spain, Barcelona has the perfect location and is only a few hours drive from southern France, the Pyrenees and northern Costa Brava. Barcelona is protected from the elements by the encircling Collserola hills and gently slopes down towards the sea. 

Hotels in the city range from budget lodging to luxury accommodation in Barcelona and the Mediterranean climate makes visiting this city attractive, whatever the time of year. Finding accommodation can be difficult, problems being heightened at the top of the tourist season (July to August), and therefore booking Barcelona Hotels in advance is advisable and virtually compulsory during the high season.

As an alternative to hotels, attractively located apartments are available within the city. Perfect for longer stays and often conveniently located close to the Mediterranean beaches, this type of accommodation suits those happy to self-cater and many come with private balconies, boasting views of the coastline. A number of attractive Barcelona apartments and private hotels (pensiones) also reside within areas such as El Raval, l'Eixample, La Ribera and Barri Gotic, the latter of which lies close to the action around the central Ramblas area. More information at Apartments Barcelona.
 Barcelona has increased in popularity since the early 1990s, when preparations for the 1992 Olympic Games relaunched the city, with a multi-billion-dollar building boom. Many structures were restored and new impressive buildings and landmarks created, particularly around Montjuïc, the hub of the Olympic Games. When the games finished, Barcelona was left with an entirely new harbour development containing the new Olympic Village and many existing buildings had face-lifts in this economic transformation. 
The World Trade Fairs of 1888 and 1929 also had a strong influence on the city and resulted in much of the beautiful architecture in this alluring Catalonian capital, such as the Arc de Triomf and the spectacular Magic Fountain (Font Màgica), with colour light shining through the water.
Barcelona has an enormous number of sites and tourist attractions worth visiting. Top tourist attractions in Barcelona include the Parc Güell - which features some wonderful tile work by the world-famous Antoni Gaudi, Las Ramblas - Spain's most famous street, lined with trees and used by both tourist and locals, the Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona's favourite parks and the perfect place for relaxing in the sun, La Sagrada Familia - Gaudi's towering church which has become a symbol of Barcelona, the Casa Mila - an unusual building created by Gaudi, and the Eixample - a 19th-century expansion of majestic avenues and mansions.
There are also many important museums and art galleries in Barcelona and the most popular is the Picasso Museum, which features a large collection of paintings and ceramics created by the famous artist, together with a wealth of information about Picasso's life and achievements to date.

Barcelona Tourist
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