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Pattaya being located only 150 kilometres south of Bangkok, there are no 
commercially viable alternatives to the road, save for the rail, and a single 
flight service from/to Koh Samui, Recommended Taxi Service: Image 
Limousine often reffered as probably the safest and most luxurius way 
to get to/from Pattaya offers new Nissan Teana all fully insured, 
with English speaking drivers and a DVD system with 10 chanels. 
All tolls are fully inclusive and prices start at 2300 Baht one way. 
Pattaya Tel. 038 756658. Fax. 038 251521
Pattaya has three seasons: Hot (March-May), Rainy (June-October) and Cool (November-February). It is warm and humid year-round, with little difference between the hottest and coolest months. Average year round temperatures are around 27°C. 
The months with the most rain are July, August and September. Pattaya’s coastal location brings sea breezes and the rain tends to come in short and heavy bursts rather than prolonged over days. No matter when you come, you'll have a good time. Lightweight casual clothing is recommended.

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Top Pattaya Beach Hotels
Century Pattaya Hotel,  Flipper Lodge Hotel, Golden Beach Hotel, Grand Sole Hotel, Hard Rock, Hotel Pattaya Horseshoe Point Resort & Country Club, Mercure Hotel, Pattaya  Montien Hotel, Nova Lodge, Hotel Pattaya, Centre Hotel, Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa Sawasdee Sea View, Pattaya Siam Bayview Hotel, Siam Sawasdee Hotel,  Sunbeam Hotel, Sunshine Hotel and Residences, Sunshine Vista Serviced Apartment, Tropicana Hotel, Welcome Plaza Hotel 
Pattaya beach

Do's and Dont's in Thailand
Thailand “The Land of Smiles” attracts millions of visitors each year and Thai Culture is one of them. Tourists will find that observing a certain code of conduct will help them bring an added experience to their holiday.
Thai values regarding dress code, code of conduct, authority figures and sexuality are conservative than in a western society. Thai’s are usually tolerant and forgiving and have an easygoing approach to life.
Thai people are extremely polite and their behaviour is controlled by etiquette and also influenced by Buddhism. Thai society is non-confrontational and so avoid confrontations at all costs. 
Never loose, your patience or show your anger now matter how frustrating or desperate the situation because this is considered a weakness in the Thai society. It is important to cultivate and art of diplomacy when traveling in Asia. Conflicts can be easily resolved with a smile.
Dress code is also important. Thais like to dress smartly and neatly. Do not wear revealing clothing such as Shorts, low cut dresses, bathing suits as they are considered as improper attire in Thailand .Keep in mind that this type of clothing is only acceptable in the beach. It is advisable to wear long skirts or long trousers when entering a temple. 
Women should not touch Monks. If a woman wants to hand something to the monks, she must do so indirectly by placing the item within the monks reach. Remove shoes when entering houses and temples. Public display of affection between sexes is frowned upon.

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Avoid touching people. The head is the highest part of the body, so avoid touching it. The feet are the least sacred, so avoid pointing it at anyone, as it is extremely insulting to do so. Thais usually do not shake hands. 
The ‘Wai’ is the usual greeting. The hands are placed together and raised upwards towards the face while the head is lowered with a slight bow. The height to which the hands are held depends on the status of the people involved.
In case of monks, higher dignitaries, and elderly, hands are raised to the bridge of the nose, while with equals only as far from the chest. Young people and inferiors are not Waid’ but a slight nod is acceptable. 
 Do not blow your nose or lick your fingers while eating. The right hand must be used when picking up food eaten with fingers. When entering a foreign culture for the first time, it is highly likely to make a mistake. If you do so, just smile or ‘Wai’ and you will be forgiven. 
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Thailand has some of the most beautiful, sexy, exotic and erotic women in the world! With so many Thai ladies working at go-go bars, beer bars, blowjob bars or simply freelancing, it is quite easy to find a “boom boom” companion for “short time” or “long time” fun. However, there are myths about Thai bar girls that need to be discussed. For example…
Myth 1) Thai Bar Girls Are Not Prostitutes

Yes, Thai bar girls are very nice, sweet, fun loving creatures but they spread their legs in order to make $$$. Whoever created the illusion that a woman who works in a sex establishment or freelances to make $$$ by spreading her legs is not a prostitute is blind. 

Myth 2) Thai Bar Girls Are Looking For A Prince Charming To Rescue Them

Thai bar girls number 1 priority is taking care of themselves and their families. And their only method of taking care of themselves and their families is with $$$. Despite the fact that Thai bar girls are poor, they are quite happy living in their beautiful country. In addition, Thai bar girls enjoy indulging in their wonderful culture and have no need to find a prince charming to rescue them from their current situation. 

Myth 3) Thai Bar Girls Are Submissive

I wouldn’t say Thai bar girls are submissive but rather gentle women that like to take care of their men and make sure that their men are happy. In addition, Thai bar girls have come to learn that there are a lot of tourists looking for love and therefore, they use their charm, personality and sex appeal to get what they want which is $$$. 

Myth 4) Thai Bar Girls Like Older Men

When it comes to $$$ Thai women like all kind of men (short, fat bald, midgets, etc.,). For some reason a lot of men believe the notion that Thai bar girls are with them because they actually like them. The reality is that the Thai bar girls are simply with them for $$$. In addition, Thai bar girls would much rather be seen with a sexy young Foreigner, than with a sweaty old man that can barely get a ‘hardon.’

Myth 5) Thai Bar Girls Don't Like Thai Men

Many male tourists will be surprised to know how many bar girls have Thai boyfriends. This should not be surprising simply because a Thai bargirl can relate a lot better to a Thai man than with a male tourist from the west. So why then does a Thai bargirl choose to work in a go-go bar, beer bar or other adult establishment if she has a Thai boyfriend? Well it all comes down to $$$, which is something everybody needs.

Myth 6) Thai Bar Girls Earn A Lot Of Money

Although Thai bar girls may work 6 days a week sometimes year round with few breaks in between, they don’t make a lot of $$$. Instead the little money Thai bar girls do make goes to pay for their personal expenses and the rest is sent to their families for support.

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Myth 7) Thai Bar Girls don’t like working in a Beer Bar/Go-Go Bar

Actually, Thai bar girls enjoy working in a beer bar/go-go bar simply because many of them have friends and cousins that work at a beer bar/go-go bar. In addition, working in a beer bar/go-go bar gives Thai bar girls the opportunity to have some fun (drink, meet foreigners and party) and enjoy themselves outside of their routine lives.

Myth 8) Thai Bar Girls love foreigners

I wouldn’t say Thai bar girls don’t like foreigners but rather learned to accept them coming to their precious country for the past few decades for Intoxication and Intercourse Vacations. One thing is for sure, Thai bar girls love foreigners $$$.

Myth 9) Thai Bar Girls are loyal to their men

I don’t know how many Thai bar girls I have had sex with that told me they had a foreigner boyfriend. I mean Thai bar girls work in a go-go bar, beer bar, blowjob bar or freelance not because they want to but because they need $$$. So even though a Thai bargirl may meet someone she likes, their will always be new opportunities (new foreigners) she will come across that will provide her with more $$$.

Myth 10) Thai Bar Girls are not educated

Although Thai bar girls may not have received the educational opportunities that many foreigners from the west have received, they are a lot smarter than your average male tourist. For example, Thai bar girls are street smart, learn the tricks of the business of working in a beer bar/go-go bar and use their sex appeal to milk as much $$$ from several male tourists all while remaining the sweet, beautiful, loyal, submissive uneducated females every male tourist believes they are.

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