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Bangkok and Pattaya Beach
Pattaya's main attractions are its beaches. Pattaya Beach is situated along the central city in close proximity to shopping, hotels and bars. The over-abundance of jet-skis and speedboats has contributed to the pollution of the water along Pattaya Beach. The section of beach from Central Road (Pattaya Klang) south to the harbor is adjacent to the core of Pattaya's abundant nightlife area, hence it is less family-oriented than the North Pattaya, Na Klua and Jomtien beaches.
Pattaya is 147 km southeast of Bangkok, and faces the Gulf of Siam. It is located within easy access of the Bangkok Airport and has excellent accommodation and restaurants and entertainment for all tastes. Because of its easy accessibility from Bangkok, Pattaya remains one of Thailand’s most popular weekend getaways for Bangkok’s city-dwellers.Accommodation ranges from luxuriously appointed beachside hotels with superb convention facilities to simple guesthouses.Sporting opportunities abound both on land and water, and include some of the finest golfing, game-fishing, and scuba-diving anywhere in Asia. Theme and amusement parks, offbeat museums and lush botanical gardens offer numerous forms of leisure activities and cultural entertainment for all family members. And after dark, Pattaya offers the allure of a truly vibrant nightlife with a great variety of restaurants, night clubs, bars, discotheques, and cabarets.
Pattaya beach
Tourism is Pattaya’s main source of income. It attracts thousands of pleasure-seeking tourists from all over the world. There is much on offer - good beaches, offshore islands, diving, sailing and its many golf courses are just a few of the activities visitors can enjoy. 
More than 30 offshore islands stretch around Pattaya within a radius of some 48km, from around Si Racha in the north, to Sattahip in the south. A few islands are off-limits as they are under the control of the Royal Thai Navy. Most others have fascinating dive sites. The waters are rich in various coral species and tropical fish.
Pattaya beach
Known as "The Rivera of Thailand" Pattaya started life as a small, insignificant fishing village. In the 13th century it was the R&R (rest and relaxation) spot for soldiers of the great King Nari during his campaign against Burmese invaders, but other than that it continued to doze, until the 20th century. In 1950, Pattaya was still little other than a small fishing village. It regained popularity with the armed forces in 1959 when a group of American GI’s visited for R&R. After renting a house on the beach, spending an enjoyable time with the locals, they returned and the word was out…Pattaya was “The” place to holiday. New groups of Marines arrived and it is from this simple beginning that the city grew. In just 40 odd years it has developed into one of the most renowned of all Thailand’s holiday spots, locally, and world wide. By the late 70’s, hotels, shopping centres, entertainment houses and the like had shot up. Industry developed as did tourism and with the opening of the motorway from Bangkok to Pattaya, it became a two-hour drive from the country’s capital.Pattaya’s popularity grew so rapidly that the local government couldn’t cope with its administration. So in 1976 Pattaya and nearby Naklur became one administrative district. Then in 1978 Pattaya was declared a city in its own right.

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Pattaya is renowned for its Night-life which caters primarily to foreigners. The city has literally hundreds of beer bars, go go bars, massage parlor and night-clubs. A great many of these venues offer the services of prostitutes despite prostitution being technically illegal in Thailand. Many clubs offer  shows including ping pong shows. Pattaya is known as a destination for  tourism (alongside several districts in Bangkok and Phuket).
Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) matches aimed at the tourists can be seen at many of the open-air beer bar complexes.
Some areas, such as Soi 6 have become famous nightlife areas in their own right.

I went to Pattaya for my first time in last year. Let me tell you what a fantastic holiday I had. I have been all over the world but Pattaya takes some beating for anyone who is single of any age. I went with a friend who had been there a few times and it made the holiday so much better knowing where to go, what to do, and what to avoid. It can very intimidating and overwhelming all the things you will see and experience and all girls throwing themsevles at you takes some getting use to. I am not fat, old, ugly, or bald, not that it matters here. 

Pattaya beach sex

I can get plenty at home, but my god nowhere near as stunning or as  as these girls.Some of them range from perfect 10's to just mind blowing dreams. A must is a visit to SOI 6 better known as "SHORT TIME " street. But don't be shouting your mouth off that you have been or go there, not even the normal bar girls like to know you go. Its one long street of short time bars with bedrooms upstairs of stunning young women. All for 500 baht, plus bar fine. Two places at the bottom of particular interest are "MANDARINS" and "MY FIRENDS BAR". The best two streets, where I actually stayed are SOI 7 and SOI 8. Rows of bars upon bars full of ladies all waiting for you and only 1,000 baht for the whole night.
Pattaya beach sex
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