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     Editorial Department of Acta Oceanologica Sinica


    Address : No. 8 Dahuisi Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100081, China


    Tel./Fax.: 86-010-6217 9976


    E-mail: hyxbe@263.net








    Ordering Costs : 100 yuan/issue,1 200 yuan/year  
    For enquiries about your institutional or personal rate subscription, please contact Editor Department :
    Associate:Mrs. Yang Mingchun
    Email : hyxbe@263.net
    Tel./Fax.: 86-10-6217 9976
    Mail remittance : No. 8 Dahuisi Road, Haidia District, Beijing 10081, China, Acta Oceanologica Sinica
    Bank Transfer : The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Beijing Capital Gymnasium
    Account : China Ocean Press
    Account Number : 0200053709024907030    
    Zip code : 100081